April 24, 2007, 6:37 am
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Kate Bosworth was all smiles last night at the 2007 Can-Do Awards Dinner at New York City’s Pier Sixty, an event honouring celebs like Jimmy Fallon and U2‘s The Edge‘s involvement with the New York City Food Bank.

While Kate looked stunning, it’s sorta ironic that she attended a food bank event when you consider the fact that she hasn’t seen an actual can of food since filming 2002’s ‘Blue Crush.’


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ew, she looks hideous here. A little tiny bit of self tan wouldnt do her any harm. And the lipstick is not helping.

Comment by louise

yeah she actually looks alot better here weight wise!!! she looks healthier and prettier. she could use a few more pounds tho.

Comment by ABie

She looks pretty bad here. I agree with your comments 100% louise. My two pet hates are red lipstick and pale skin…it rarely works expecially not together. She’s still looking pretty skinny, she looked sooo much better back in the blue crush days.

Comment by Stephi

Stunning arasto? are you blind? she looks worse than kiki a few posts down (and thats saying something!) anorexics are not stunning.

Comment by SAS

she’s definitely looking healthier.

Comment by thighmegatampon

she looks gorgeous! much healthier that last year

Comment by V

fleshier, much improved!

Comment by candy

she looks like she’s gained a few much needed pounds, but still too skinny. Yes, the dark lipstick is horrid.

Comment by parissucksliterally

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