April 24, 2007, 6:06 pm
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Kirsten Dunst was all boozy stares last night as she partied the night away with her Razorlight boyfriend Johnny Borell at the ‘Spiderman 3’ premiere after-party in London.

Kiki’s head was probably spinning when she hit the pillow last night after being given a helping hand by Johnny as they stumbled out of a pub in Camden at 3:30 AM.

Earlier in the evening, the 24-year-old actress had batted away questions about her relationship and why her rock star boyfriend wasn’t at the premiere.


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Wow, she is so trashy….what a dumbass…she’s going to ruin her career…all she has now is Spiderman, and that won’t last much longer. What is wrong with these twits?

Comment by starr

god. go take a shower. gross.

Comment by Anonymous

They’re like some ugly downmarket version of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty.

Comment by Kate

An afterparty in a Camden pub…a bit unlikely no? And I live in London.

Comment by Selon

Kirsten is a pig. There’s nothing worse than public drunkeness.

Comment by amara

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