April 24, 2007, 2:44 pm
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Just a few more shots of comeback queen Britney Spears arriving at the Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood yesterday.

Check out that muscle definition!

Keep it up, Brit!


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the BOOTS.

she’s so fucking stupid.

Yes, her body looks good….but she still has the schneck, and her legs are stumpy and ugly to me…they always have been…..and her taste will NEVER improve!

Comment by parissucksliterally

I can’t even put together words to comment after seeing those stank ass boots on her. I mean, how many times can you KILL a cow?–y’all know it dies again every time she puts them on.

Comment by yeahso?

I agree with the above two posts. Those boots are getting played out. What the hell is wrong with her? Idiot.

Comment by T

britney, just take off the wigs (people look perfectly fine with short hair you know), and wear reputable clothing. help her..somebody. larry rudolph perhaps? ha, just kidding.


not just the boots – the fucking torn fishnets. how skanky must they be?

as a mother, i’m amazed that she’s so into her career and not her kids.

Comment by dottcomm1

she is constantly pulling on her clothes! try wearing something that actually fits moron! again…the boots, the torn fishnets and stupid hats…they’ve all gotta smell!

Comment by rags

I agree dotcomm. Why isn’t she with her kids??? I know we only see snippets of pictures here and there but I really beleive she is NEVER with her kids. How sad.

Comment by Anonymous

“Come Back Queen” — some one hand me a bucket, I’m gonna puke!

Comment by lolly

She looks amazing..Jealous anyone?

Comment by Sasy

That’s a gas station, not a dance studio.

Comment by whatupaz

Yes – She’s looking good, but girlfriend needs immediate intervention to get rid of those boots!!!

Comment by OhHellNo!

No–no–those is DIFFERENT boots, prob’ly expensive. Yet she still manages to make them look like they came from a resale shop. She should be prohibited from buying and/or wearing fishnet stockings, too.

Comment by karafarrah

she needs to stop dressing like that- she looks like a whore, she needs to change her image we are seeing the same old ” I make poor choices Britney” and its getting old.

Comment by B

Looks like the same boots to me…those have got to be STINKY!!!

Comment by starr

I hate it how everyone always expects celebrities to wear something new all the time…obviously those boots are her faves so why shouldn’t she wear them as much as she wants? I think she is looking more amazing everyday and it’s great that she is taking this time to get herself back on her feet.

Comment by Stephi

I LIKE that she wears something more than once Stephi…..however, her two favorite pairs of boots atr HORRENDOUS!

THAT’s what I”M picking on, I don’t know about the rest of teh commenters

Comment by parissucksliterally

Stephi i dont understand why you rag on lindsay all the time about how her style sucks but you think brit looks amazing?huh? you say lindsays club outfit sucks and how shes not orginal but how is it amazing and orginal for a mother of two to rock panties and fishnets when going all over town?i dont get it.=\

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

^ ^ LOL she is blind to britney the way you are blind to lindsay! NEITHER of you make any sense to me haha.

This is a very trailer park look for britney. Personally i think the hat looks worse than the boots.

Comment by SAS

I think the reason why I am blind to Britney is because it frustrates me sooo much that someone with so much potential and talent as her is screwing up her life. I really feel sorry for her and I don’t think that anything she does is for attention at all, I think its all due to the fact that she doesn’t know any other life than being a celebrity. I find Lindsay to be the complete opposite- talentless and absolutely addicted to the media and attention.

Comment by Stephi

^^ They are both my favoites and I will not tolerate this bickering 🙂

For real though, her bod is banging again thanks to the lipo, and the clothes could be better but I’ll let her have this one..

Comment by BeJeeBus

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