April 24, 2007, 7:48 pm
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Aussie songstress Kylie Minogue pulls it off once again in yet another super-stylish ensemble outside of her London home.

Ex beau Olivier Martinez must be kicking himself.


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Olivier is dating a super hot model. He could give a shit about Kylie.

Comment by JC

I could give a sh*t about kylie minogue. why is she kept getting mentioned?


who cares about olivier…he’ll die alone for being a fucker!

Comment by THE DEVIL

Not to sound harsh but Kylie is still unattractive and was a marginal singer. If it wasn’t for her illness Olivier would have left sooner. So, I doubt he’s having regrets. She survived cancer and is being elevated to a level of fame she never dreamed of outside of Australia and Great Britian.

Comment by amara

Kicking himself for leaving an aged, sliced-diced & botoxed marginally talented singer who’s desperately clinging to her youth? Why do so many people paint him as being a dog? He stayed with her through her illness, despite rumors that he’d been ready to leave even before she got sick. He’s actually acted quite impressively.

Comment by Papi's Puta

I agree with the comments that Olivier doesn’t really care. He’s off running around with hot supermodels so I don’t he’s really giving Kylie a second of his attention.
While I really admire Kylie for overcoming breast cancer and getting on with her career, I just don’t like her. I think she tries wayyyy too hard most of the time and her voice is very very average. Without the catchy songs that have been written for her she would be nothing. And she’s not really that great a performer either, without the costumes she’s not a great dancer or anything. She is one lucky lucky girl if you ask me…but each to their own opinion.

Comment by Stephi

Man, you all are harsh. No, her songs aren’t anything great, but they’re catchy and make people want to dance and feel good. And she’s remarkably wholesome compared to many other of her pop peers (could be an act, but if so, it’s an appealing one). Her look in these photos? A little too Holly Golightly, but she works it.

Comment by Jim A.

she looks and sounds plastic…not that that is a bad thing…

Comment by sarah

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