April 24, 2007, 2:16 pm
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Rosie O’Donnell had the jaws of 2000 of New York’s most accomplished women in media dropping last night. The comedian-turned-controversial loudmouth was at the Matrix Awards at the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom when she decided to let loose and unbuckle her manners belt.

While Rosie dropped an F-bomb or two, grabbed her crotch, and yelled “Eat me!” to Donald Trump, Barbara Walters wasn’t far from dropping on the floor and playing dead.

Ro went on to say that her fantasy involves Trump, who has called her “fat” and “disgusting.” She said, “it was always my dream to give an old, bald billionaire a boner.”

I’m not sure what’s more disgusting — the idea of The Donald going to town on Rosie’s crotch or the mere thought of his decrepit 61-year-old “boner.” Either way, I’m thoroughly disgusted.


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i’m so grossed out right now.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

Rosie’s a disgusting waste of space.

Comment by mmyers

Trump and O’Donnell parents, and one about to become a grandfather. Proof positive that you can’t embarrass the shameless.

Comment by amara

She is just a total trash bag. She is a TERRIBLE role model to her kids and definately not someone for anyone else to look up to. If I was Barbara I would fire her on the spot. She really need to grow up and realise that noone cares about her and her overbearing, childish opinions.

Comment by Stephi

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