April 25, 2007, 2:00 pm
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Britney Spears’ real father may have recently dissed her but another pop-tart’s dad might become the new father-figure in Brit’s life: Jessica Simpson‘s dad.
According to the NYDN, Joe Simpson has considered managing Britney’s career….or what remains of it.

Papa Joe allegedly tried to set up a meeting this past weekend with Brit, our source dishes – though Jessica’s rep Cindi Berger denies it.

While one might think a rivalry will be stoked between the two singers, the NYDN’s source says Jess would be okay with the arrangement and even offered to reach out to Britney, as the two are no longer competitors.

Britney has raked in over $100 million from record sales and endorsements, and let’s face it — Jessica’s five albums have been received lukewarm at best.


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Of course they’re not competitors. They’re both done.

Comment by neverafan

good point neverafan!!!!

if he manages her, she’ll sleep with him for sure.

Comment by parissucksliterally

papa pimp acquiring mo’ ho’s. cha-ching!

Comment by dottcomm1

He wants to manage Britney because he would be able to sleep with her without going to jail like he would if he did Jessica.

Comment by Kate

Look at that pic of Jessica! Those were the days when she looked amazing all the time. Something happened to her because she has not looked like that in a while. I bet Joe Simpson could whip Britney’s goofy ass into shape.

Comment by my2cents

Why would Britney want to let him manage her? Jessica’s career is on life support, and once the endorsement deals dry up what else does she really have going on for herself? The last album tanked.

Comment by blahblah

Jessica does look amazing in that photo!!
I don’t think that there would ever be a rivalry between them because they are both on such different levels. Brit’s music is very pop/R’n’B style and she absolutely owns in her performances. Jess on the other hand is more famous for her ballads and when she performs she doesn’t have all the dance routines, costumes etc. They are both talented and I think this would be a great move for Papa Joe and Britney.

Comment by Stephi

Jessica is NOT talented. The re-make she did of “Take My Breath Away” was HIDEOUS. No passion, no range, totally fake sounding and pathetic.

Comment by hairball

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