April 25, 2007, 3:17 pm
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Britney Spears can credit a strict regimen of diet and exercise for sheddding 14 lbs and acquiring a svelte new figure to go with her comeback dreams.

After ballooning to a size 14 on a strict diet of booze and junk food, following her separation from Kevin Federline late last year, Brit has now dropped back to size 10 and eventually hopes to fit size 6.

She has achieved the amazing turnaround by adopting healthy eating habits that she learned about during her stint at Promises rehab and regular rigorous exercise, reports the Mirror.

Britney has now committed herself to a low calorie, low fat diet with plenty of green vegetables and fruits. She has cut back on carbs and is instead eating lots of low-fat protein.

Having dried out completely she doesn’t crave junk food anymore. Instead of pizzas and burgers Brit is regularly consuming fish. She has been eating Sushi regularly and reportedly takes fish-oil supplement three times a day.

A pal reveals: “She’s getting back to her fighting weight, she’s working out and enjoying life.”

Britney’s new rock hard abs, toned arms and solid legs are partly a result of regular visits to the Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood. In addition she works out regularly at home where she trains for two hours two to four times a week under the watchful eyes of a personal trainer.

So much for the lipo stories of yesterweek.

Britney Spears pursued by a pack of paparazzi yesterday in West Hollywood


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She is still trash. No matter what she does or did. ANY PERSON that just forgets about their kids……………….(bleep)

Comment by Red

oh please Britney is not a size 10. At her biggest maybe she was a 10. She’s now atleast down to a 6. We have similar bodies, and I’m a 6.

Comment by distar

This is from the British paper, The Mirror. British sizes run in higher numbers than American.

Comment by anonymous

Um, she was seen eating french fries 2 days ago…

Comment by anon

…now she just needs to stop the silly hat-n-wig thingy, make peace with the awkward hair phase and wear it proudly & confidently. This would lend more credibility to a rehab than a cover-up does.

Comment by nyc324 TRUE! Leggo the wiggo. It’s not like anyone thinks you actually have hair. Besides its not like anyone thinks she has hair.

Comment by lola lola

TONED ARMS? yeah right.

Comment by something

Ugh! This story is so ridiculously contrived. Britney cannot own up to her mistakes and she CERTAINLY cannot own up to the fact that girlfriend has no willpower and had to get mesotherapy to lose all that chunk around her middle. Those pictures yesterday of her suddenly svelte belly were no accident. Diet and exercise my eye!

Comment by Jessyka

yea a uk size 10 is an american 6……no way would she be an american size 10.
i wish i had abs like that though.
But as a supposed recovering bulimic i am skeptical of the way shes lost so much weight so quickly.

Comment by l

Oh don’t forget her steady diet of fingernails, nail polish and acrylic nails. Throw in some cuticles for dessert.

Comment by keller

EXACTLY! she WAS eating DEL TACO the other day……not exactly health food. Who cares? she can eat junk sometimes if she’s dancing every day.

Comment by parissucksliterally

There are pictures on zoomed in on Britney’s tummy, and if I’m right, it looks like she has lipo scars around her belly button. I’m not sure how they do lipo or where the scars should be, but it looks like it! She did not just lose the weight, allthough I think it’s pretty good that she has been dancing a lot at Millenium.

Comment by BeJeeBus

This is what I’ve said all along! I don’t think she has had any surgery or lipo at all. All it takes is a strict exercise regime and healthy eating…so what if she treats herself now and then. She’s looking fantastic!

Comment by Stephi

fuck that cunt. she got lipo and everyone knows it. she should have suffered like the rest of us muffin-topped, fatasses.

Comment by kfed's left testicle

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