April 25, 2007, 2:29 pm
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ABC Daytime has been unable to come to a contractual agreement with Rosie O’Donnell, and as a result, her duties as a cohost of ‘The View’ will come to an end mid-June, allowing for at least three more grade-school caliber back-and-forths with the Donald.

In a statement to, Rosie says, “Working with Barbara [Walters], Joy [Behar] and Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] has been one of the highlights of my career, but my needs for the future just didn’t dovetail with what ABC was able to offer me. To all the viewers out there, I just want to say ‘Thank you’ for opening up your hearts and your homes to me this past year. But you can always find me at” (Not recommended, however, for fans of complete sentences.)

Announcing Rosie’s exit, ABC Daytime boss man Brian Frons says, “Going in we knew we would have an amazing year with [Rosie], and that anything beyond that would be gravy. So here we are a year later, and while we’ve tried to come to terms on a deal that would extend her [run] on The View, we find ourselves unable to agree on some key elements.”

View creator/co-executive producer Barbara Walters deems the departure an amicable one, saying, “[Rosie] has given the program new vigor, new excitement and wonderful hours of television. I am very sad that ABC Daytime could not reach an agreement with her for a second year. We will all miss Rosie. She remains for me a cherished friend and colleague.”

Who will fill Ro’s sensible shoes come July or, at the latest, the next television season? Is Ann Coulter free?


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Thank God.

Comment by no

Well.. good and bad..I enjoyed watching “Rosies View”!!! that show will suck without her!

Comment by the voice

That show has sucked for years anyway.

Comment by Red

both donald trump and her are IDIOTS!
One is a misogynistic bully the other a ball of anger

Comment by the devil

I think Barbara and ABC realised what a big mistake they had made and have just decided not to renew her contract. I mean seriously, while the show is meant to be fun and entertaining it does cover serious news topics and requires a good solid opinion, not something that is littered with profanity and unreferenced facts. And the whole Trump/Rosie thing has just been dragged on way too long and is a huge embarassment to the View and ABC. This is one of the best decisions that has been made in ages!

Comment by Stephi

Um, Stephi, you are totally wrong. If you recall, both Rosie and Babwa said that she would only join the show for one year, and that it was not a long term commitment. Her departure is on amicable terms. I’m sad to see Rosie go so soon, it was a fun and wild ride that made many headlines. She informed, she made us laugh, she owned up to her mistakes, and she made us liberals proud. The show is going to be a total bore now without her.

Comment by Joe

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