April 25, 2007, 6:21 pm
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John and Jessica: Ick. So suburban.

Jake and Reese: Cute (and rich) then, cuter (and richer) now.

Rachel and Ryan: Team Canada!

Jenny and Jim: Hairspray is not your friend.

Nicole and Joel: So innocent. I bet they had only dabbled with marijuana and PCPs at that age.

Kate and Owen: Siblings.

Manson and Rachel: These photos were taken two decades apart.

Jada and Will : Haven’t aged a day.

Rebecca and Jerry: Sooo 80s!

[Click on scans to enlarge]


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HA! Go back and look at yourself in your old year book…….. 😉

Comment by Red

Marilyn Manson is just so…average looking. Not that I was expecting anything different, but it does make one wonder what caused him to transform himself in the fashion he did.

Gawd, that Reese was such a beauty even back in the day. Lucky girl. I bet her “awkward phase” lasted all of 17 seconds…

Comment by just askin'

jake is so gay…it amuses me how the media put him and Reese together.

Comment by parissucksliterally

yeah everyone was awkward in yearbook pics
atleast most of these celebs are hotties now
haha thats got to be some consellation

Comment by Kaya

I could definately see Ryan and Rachel as a high school couple and also Nicole and Joel actually. Jenny and Jessica were way to cheerleader pretty in high school to go out with John or Jim…ooo loving all the Js there haha.

Comment by Stephi

oh my god owen looks exactly like my high school boyfriend. except he’s gotten hotter while owen’s kept breaking his nose. hehe.

Comment by SAS

i love rachel and ryan!

Comment by bluebird

that’s ERIC DANE!??!

Comment by Anonymous

haha i love these too. reese made her acting debut at like 14 in Man in the Moon and was beautiful then too.

Comment by thighmegatampon

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