April 25, 2007, 2:20 pm
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Admittedly, I have no idea who this girl is (I simply refuse to watch any MTV reality show that follows the lives of ordinary people), but here are a few shots (courtesy of Us Weekly) of 20-year-old ‘The Hills’ star Heidi Montag showing off her new nose and boobs.

Downgrade or uber downgrade?


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Upgrade on the face…if you like frumpy.

Comment by Funkoniya

heidi looks HORRIBLE like this..this is what happens when u move in with spencerr… im so disgusted by this

Comment by chachadiva

ask her about her boyfriends shady past

Comment by john

the nose is better, but she’s still not pretty.

who IS this twit anyway? Do I care?

Comment by parissucksliterally

i think she looks great. To each their own, if you want to fix something you are insecure about and can afford it, then more power to you.

Comment by v

that chin job makes her look like she gained 20 pounds…but the boob job is hot.
don’t like your accutane-deprived boyfriend dictate who your surgeon should be…

Comment by sarah

That is an awful nose job.

Comment by Kate

I think she looked better before… her face looks bigger in the second pic and boobs are OVERRATED!!!!

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

Boobs are one thing, I could (almost) understand that, esp since spencer was all over the playboy chicks, but the nose?! HORRIBLE! It’s on its way to latoya jackson town!

Comment by Rachel

wow… its amazing how LITTLE it did for her!

Comment by anonymous

big boobs, long blond hair… sounds like familiar combination! but if it’s going to make her happy, i don’t care.

Comment by peep

did she dye her eyebrows too..or are my eyes playing tricks on me?…oh heidi…why..spencer and heidi will continue to live in their aloof big toothed bliss.

Comment by laurbabes

all this girl has going for her are her looks. she’s about as intelligent as a flea. she might as well make the most of her looks while she has them, cause when she gets old she’ll just be one dumb hag.

Comment by crumbly

wow she is ugly

Comment by Anonymous

So pathetic … can’t wait for the new CD … bet Paris will be jealous.

Comment by Missy Stanton

Still gross to me. She just annoys the shit out of me and the boobs are fucking nasty. I honestly think that fake boobs is the ugliest, nastiest and grossest thing a girl could ever do to her body! It’s just wrong..

Comment by BeJeeBus

I’ve spent time with Heidi before and she is just so much fun to be around and a really nice girl. I’m actually surprised that she has gone and got surgery because she really seemed like the type who was really happy with herself. I don’t really see a huge difference with the nose but the boobs are looking pretty good…she was pretty flat to begin with so this has probably boosted her confidence a mile!

Comment by Stephi

she looked better before. now she just looks like any other starlet with fake boobs and a fake face.

Comment by SAS

her face looks fatter. boob job is way too obvious

Comment by bluebird


Comment by dlc

downgrade, but im only saying that becaue i am a flat chested chick, and wish girls would embrace it


Comment by bella

URGH! This girl is a TROLL! DOWNGRADE! She always looked like shit next to Lauren Conrad but now she looks like a pointy nosed hard titted loser.

Who did her surgery?! Let me know so I can avoid him!

Compare her with Ashlees before and afters–enough said!

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah, pretty bad on both parts. Seriously, the boobs scream silicone. Not aesthetically appealing AT ALL. I also really think she’s going to regret the nose. I agree with Kate.

Comment by anon

big boobs aren’t meant for anorexic twits…i bet that bitch cried for days when she realized the boobs would make her go up a shirt size!

Comment by Anonymous

she looks like a generic whore to before when she was just a whore GREAT GOING HEIDI

Comment by chachadiva

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