April 25, 2007, 2:59 pm
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Rocking a sexy silk jumpsuit, peep-toe Christian Louboutins and her trademark oversized sunglasses, Nicole Richie was spotted in West Hollywood yesterday getting her shop on.

No news….girlfriend just looks fab…..and I had to share.


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she looks amazing here…but man, ALL she does is shop and party…..

what happened with her DUI?

Comment by parissucksliterally


Comment by Ella

she looks AMAZING! wow.

Comment by hrvatica

Hate her, but she looks great….. bitch

Comment by Me

She is still toothpick thin people.
No wonder todays youth just wants to drink water and puke it up.
If this is sexy……………Sweet Jesus have pitty on all of us people that eat.

Comment by Red

that’s not West Hollywood… that’s Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills

Comment by LA whore

too thin? dont think so. shes has a perfect body.

Comment by Anonymous

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So you think that is perfect? 😐

Kinda funny to me, as many polls (and real life) have stated that REAL MEN like a woman with some curves on them, not boney hips. 🙂

Comment by Red

If chest bones are a turn on to you–

Maybe you need to get your damn eyes checked.

Comment by Red

yes she was too skinny but she looks a lot heavier now! she looks great.

Comment by Anonymous

yeh nichole!!! she looks sooo hot

Comment by sarah

LA Whore, you got it right.
That’s OBVIOUSLY Rodeo Drive (you can Via Rodeo in the background and the sign for Dayton Way). She is also in Dolce-Gabbana: on Rodeo Drive.


Comment by Anonymous

i thought nicole didnt smoke cigggs?….guess there for boytoy….she is lookin ALOT better lately. oh and her style: I LOVE IT

Comment by Anonymous

I think she has the perfect body too. I know that polls always show that guys like women with fuller figures, but whenever I’m around my guy friends they always point out some sexy chick on the street, and they are never more than a size 4.. I’m sorry I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a small size as long as you still eat, but control yourself. Overeating is not sexy or healthy.

Comment by BeJeeBus

Yes this is definately not West Hollywood…Rodeo all the way. Nicole looks absolutely amazing here!! Sometimes she really reminds me of Pamela and she does here too, especially since Pam has worn something like this before. I don’t think Nicole needs to gain or lose anymore weight she looks perfect at the moment in my opinion.

Comment by Stephi

while i think she looks fabulous here i certainly think she is still too thin. if you ask any of your guy friends they will agree- no one wants to fuck a stick.

Comment by SAS

lilo!: LEARN! a sexy young woman

Comment by THE DEVIL

Yeah! keep talking about how men prefer women with hips…hehehe

Nicole looks perfect. The haters just love to talk smack.

Comment by Anonymous

wow…no chest. people don’t just lose any and All curves from stress. and the girl was busty back in the day. just saying.

Comment by Anonymous

Most of my male friends have said they’re attracted to women with big boobs/hips/arses….I’ve never heard them say that rib cages are sexy.

Comment by Chantelle

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