April 25, 2007, 2:07 am
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Shopping addict Paris Hilton swung by a pet store to buy the latest addition to her menagerie.

She picked out a green parakeet before getting an Andy Warhol book at another stop.


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are those pants from the “sympathy for Joe Francis” collection?

Horizonyal stripes aren’t for anyone…..not even you, Whore-ess.

Comment by parissucksliterally

i swear i’ve seen her in that exact hoodie buying a birc before….are these pics old or am i going crazy???

Comment by lolly

does she know you have to feed them every day?

Comment by sigh

What the HELL is she wearing? Did Britney design that look?

Comment by RaraAvis

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Give her a bread, Paris is a lady of class and elegance. The birds are to be inserted into her vagina, when their wings start flapping they will give her a thorough deep cleaning.
This is a procedure that the poor peasants of the United States know nothing about. It’s only for extremely high class and elegant people.

Comment by Multiples

Uggghhh this is major pattern overload. Anchors, stripes and skulls WAYY too much and the socks just look dorky. Normally I think Paris dresses fairly cute but cmon the only people that I would expect to wear something as trend driven and wrong as this would be 14 year old wannabe punk girls.

Comment by Stephi

omg…what andy warhol book???

Comment by Anonymous

Is she ever not on her fucking phone???? The 80’s look SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the HELL would she wear this hideous/unflattering outfit??

Comment by hairball

…who the fuck cares? Paris is a skank, this we know. Paris has no dress sense, again, we know. Paris is a shopaholic, ditto. Paris has no sense of anyone but herself, finally, we know. But it’s been what, four or five years with the same old story? Move on to the next skanktastic heiress, please.

Comment by Kidge

Thats is so cute. I used to have a parakeet like that, even the color is same, but she died 😦

Comment by Edith

Keep pets away from that idiot!

Comment by Susan

Drag Queen is all she is.

Comment by Red

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Shouldn’t that ho plug FILA or whatever Sports company she endorses? What a dumb bitch!

Comment by Sarah

What a total cunt! No one anywhere cares about this slut. Especially her loser parents. Are they pathetic or whata? They created this monster. And they’re nowhere to be seen. Kathy and Rick, go to hell!

Comment by sandi

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