April 25, 2007, 1:47 pm
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Don’t miss ‘The View’ today.

TMZ reports that this is the day Rosie O’Donnell will announce that she will not be returning for a second season of the ladies gabfest. People at the website have spoken with “multiple industry people who say the word is spreading and the info emanated from inside the show itself.”

If Rosie does admit to parting ways with the show today, she will most probably finish out the season with Barbara Walters and the others.

There’s no denying that Rosie’s stay on ‘The View’ has been controversial. I mean the woman has had a feud with half of America, but I think she was really able to breathe new life into a show that was stale and boring. And though she was really opinionated most of the time, I admired the fact that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and stick to her guns.

I may be in the minority, but I’ll miss Rosie’s big mouth.


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The View is dead to me and my TiVo now. She was the best thing that ever happened to that crap show.

Comment by Ridwah

I hate to see her go also..It’s the only reason I watch that show. But lets hope that the reason she is leaving is that she will be getting her own show again!!!

Comment by Kathy

I really can’t stand Rosie. Yeah, she speaks her mind but it’s so annoying. Anyway I am sad to see her go becasue it means Bill O’Reily has won.

Comment by Shelty

Wow. What a bummer. I’m not a big Rosie fan but she was the only thing that kept that show from being a total SNOOZEFEST! And I loved to hear her kick Trumps rump.

Comment by lola lola

you’re not alone she made what should have been your mom’s show fun to watch!

Comment by ghostgurl

NOOOOO!!! i live in nz and i watch this show .. .shes the ONLY reason i like it … sheesh im not gna tape it anymore!!

Comment by cameron

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