April 26, 2007, 4:13 pm
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Nicole Richie hosted the Armani Exchange sunglasses launch at a private Hollywood Hills house last night with DJ Sam Ronson spinning and a performance by Balthazar Getty‘s band, Ringside.

Also in attendance?  Frienemies Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.


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Nicole is the only person that makes Paris nervous.

Nicole is a badass. :>

Comment by B :)

who cares …all of their paydays are coming to an end… they all have worn out their welcome unless they do something worth noting, like NOTacting like spoiled rich douchebags!!!!

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

The three of them share the same tired hairdo.

Comment by Anonymous

I swear all of these thoughts are pouring out of my head at once…I usually don’t share but, here goes…

-Paris looks SOOO wasted
-Lindsay looks like she hasn’t showered in days
-Nicole is smirking in every picture like she knows the skeletons in everyones closet
-Nicole looks like the sober-est one there
-Check out Nicole’s hairline in the very first pic on top–in starts in the middle of her head! Holy grandma!
-I saw Lindsay’s dress at Rave in 1993

Comment by Michele

It’s so ironic that Nicole is the more famous and well liked now. Paris is probably still more infamous, but Nicole is somehow seen in a much more favorable light by the public. You can just tell that Paris knows it now too. In old pictures, Paris used to try to dominate the shot with Nicole. Now she takes a back seat because she is not the headliner any longer.

Comment by Ice Queen

paris’ stomach and face look bloated!
lindsay looks like a used up 70’s porn star.
nicole looks totally gorge, as usual!
team nicole!

Comment by sarah

Nicole looks better than the others but I don’t like this light blonde haircolor shade on her. Paris does look uncomfortable but not as much as Lindsey. Maybe it drug induced paranoia? Likely.

Comment by candyapple

Lindsay Ho-han looks stoned out of her gourd…

Comment by starr

[…] Nicole Richie brought Hollywood’s socialites out for Armani Exchange’s sunglass launch party on Wednesday night. […]

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candyapple, I agree that both Paris and Lindsay look immensely uncomfortable..You would think someone just told them they were gonna reveal something unpleasant about them..

I’m loving Nicc’s hair and style lately..

Comment by BeJeeBus

Nicole and Paris look absolutely gorgeous!! I love the long blonde hair on both of them ,especially Nicole. Lindsay looks like she’s trying a bit too hard in these shots…while everyone else is smiling and having a good time she’s pouting and throwing her head back. She looks kinda silly.
OK now something a friend told me last night…Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan are apparently hooking up, like all the time. When Samantha was in NY Lindsay followed here there and when she was in Japan Lindsay went over there as well. The person I was talking to also said they have seen them going at it behing the DJ booth more than once and they often disappear into cubicles together. Interesting…has anyone else heard about this?

Comment by Stephi

Nicole has better blonde hair than the other two!

Comment by THE DEVIL

remember the days when paris used to be trashier than anyone? lindsay looks used up. yuck.

hmm juicy stephi- i dont know who samantha ronson is but im guessing they’re so off their face all the time who knows!

Comment by SAS

I think it’s funny that anytime a celeb sports the least little bit of tummy – everyone falls all over themselves proclaiming preganancy! But heres Paris – with a bulge under the dress . . . and no one can bring themselves to comtemplate that horrible thought . . . hahahahahahaha

Comment by priapism

Stephi…where have you been? the Lohan-Ronson shit’s been out ther for at least a week!

I think Paris looks horrible here, and NR’s hair is too long, and too blonde. Honey blonde looks better on her.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I hate all three. Nicole looks like a granny. Lindsay looks bloated and dirty.

Comment by Aysla

So much fake blondness!! Nicole looks so cute, but still too skinny. Lindsay’s hair doesn’t suit her at all, the color is weird.

Comment by superblondgirl


Comment by Anonymous

Is it just me or Nicole looks like a mini-donatella versace..gross..

Comment by Inna

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