April 26, 2007, 1:50 pm
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Despite his desperate recent campaigning, including a PR stunt trip to Afghanistan for UNICEF, and to the dismay of his fading menopausal fanbase, former Idol Clay Aiken was not part of the ‘Idol Gives Back’ extravaganza.Instead the notoriously heterosexual Aiken stars in a very special PSA for UNICEF recorded for and now appearing on gay activist Ben Patrick Johnson’s blog. The PSA is insightful in that it reveals that famously gay Ben and famously “not gay” Clay are quite chummy. We find out that the PSA was recorded in Ben’s home studio, and that Clay brought Ben a special gift back from Afghanistan.

All of which has led Aiken’s fans to a curious conundrum of reconciling and confronting how and why their ongoing fantasy world of Clay as an innocent clean-cut heterosexual is intersecting with that of a very out gay activist.


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Yea right, because everyone knows that if you are straight you should never hire anyone who is gay. It might be catching. Even worse, some idiot gay blogger will use his finely tuned assdar to blog about it and harras you with it.

Guess what. The guy doesn’t discriminate, he treats everyone well and in spite of stupidity like this blog he will not shun anyone just because the gays will give him grief over it. The guy has more balls and integrity than you. That’s a fact!

Comment by Dana

It’s also a fact that he’s gay. Who cares?

Comment by Ice Queen

His trip was not a PR stunt to campaign to get on the show. Clay has been taking trips as an ambassador for Unicef since 2004, 3 years before American Idol decided to do a fundraiser.

Who gives a crap if he’s gay? He can affiliate with anyone he wants.

Comment by Kate

So it’s a stunt when Clay travels to Afghanistan to raise money, but not a stunt when Ryan and Simon travel to Africa to raise money. I’m just tryimg to clarify here.

Comment by Anonymous

Why is it that gays and the gay blogs are the ones who post the most hateful crap about Clay Aiken, and manage to turn even his UNICEF work to help Afghan children into insult?

Comment by Mandy

Ice Queen, it’s fact that Clay Aiken is gay? Really? Gee, I wonder how the woman he lives with feels about that. What does she think while listening to the love song he dedicated to her on his latest CD?

Comment by Linda

I love Clay and I’m not in a conundrum. He’s awesome. And that PR stunt raised tons of money for the kids of Afganistan.

Comment by Tammie

Clay is a complete joke.

Comment by Anonymous

Really, how sad that you try to turn Clay’s trip to Afghanistan for Unicef, wich has been planned for months, into a PR stunt? HUH? Now THAT is reaching. I do not care if he is gay or not, but he is a great humanitarian, and has spent lots of time and effort in improving the lives of children the world over.

Comment by Ha

Clay has ben using his charity work to shine his “halo” and gain good press for himself for some time.

Comment by Anonymous

Linda, you really believe that Clay is into women? LOL. He’s gay honey. He just is, sorry.

Comment by Ice Queen

Well, as a Clay fan, I do not have a fantasy world of Clay as an innocent clean-cut heterosexual. My Clay fantasy is waaay more interesting. And Clay is NOT innocent. The thing that gets me though is that people keep trying to out Clay, and Clay keeps saying he is straight, all the while he lives his life without bowing down to gossip mongers. He refuses to be afraid to still hire gay people on his tours, still does psa’s for/with people even though that person is gay and Clay knows that fools like you will take that fact and twist it to mean Clay himself is gay. (because we all know that anyone who associates with a gay person then becomes gay by association, duh)I applaud Clay for just living his life, is spite of the fact that asshats will turn everything he says and does into something bad.

Comment by Mary

Ice Queen, honey, and you know that how? From the tabloids and gay bloggers? I have a news flash for you: a bunch of liars repeating the same lie over and over aren’t going to turn it into truth. That includes you, too.

And Anonymous, I wouldn’t put down Clay’s charity work if I were you. He was not the person using yesterday’s Idol charity show to pimp her upcoming tour. Only your girl Kelly Clarkson could stoop so low.

Comment by Linda

How exactly does going on a videoblog talking about afghanistan turn into being an “out” gay activist just because the guy that does the blog is gay? That is crazy.

Comment by What?

You take a completely unknown, 24 yo, special ed college student; put him on a reality TV show, which he loses; then goes on to begin his own foundation (the BAF) for children with disabilities; receives the AMA’s Fan Choice Award; graduates from college, receives the Billboard’s best selling single award and other awards; sells 6 million CD’s (2 platinum, others not less than Gold); is inducted into the Country Music Showcase Hall of Fame, is made UNICEF Ambassador for the Children’s Education Fund, testifies before Congress, wins Billboard’s Best selling C’mas album two years in a row and the Christian Music Award; receives the Robert M. Barg Memorial Achievement Award, receives the Worldwide Pageants Service Excellence Award, is appointed to the President’s Council for People with Intellectual Disabilities, becomes a NY Times Best-selling author, receives UNC Charlotte’s Alumni Association Outstanding Young Alumnus Award, prepares for his 8th tour in 4 years, and should the supposition be true, the gay community has the nerve to say they don’t have equal rights? Perhaps it’s in how you treat one another…America is watching. Just sayin’…

Comment by Scotty

He wasn’t on IDOL because he was recieving an award in New York…for his humanitarian work with disabled children. You should stop letting the Clay hate-bloggers write your crap for you.

Comment by Anonymous

“NCLD will bestow its Children’s Advocacy Award on multi-platinum recording artist Clay Aiken, who taught special education before he made his breakthrough on American Idol’s second season. Mr. Aiken’s musical success has enabled him to focus on charitable work and advocacy for education and children’s causes. In 2003, he created the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, which promotes and funds educational and recreational programs for children with special needs and advocates for their integration into the environments of their non-disabled peers. In 2006, Mr. Aiken was appointed to the Presidential Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, which advises the President and Secretary of Health and Human Services on programs and services.”

Comment by Linda

Who the fuck cares but claymates?

Comment by Anonymous

I’m sure the chidren who are being helped by Bubel-Aiken Foundation and UNICEF care.

Comment by Linda

“Who the fuck cares but claymates?”

Someone cared enough to write the blog and it sure wasn’t the Claymates.

Comment by Scotty

Because he is good for a laugh, just like the crazy fans that continue to try to defend him.

Comment by Anonymous

clay is totally gay

Comment by maya

Gee, Maya, it only took you three days to come up with such fresh and original comment? I’m so glad you were able to bless us with your deep insight into this matter.

Comment by Linda

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