April 26, 2007, 9:59 pm
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Angelina Jolie brought her star power to Washington DC today to illuminate the plight of orphan children and push the government to spend more money for universal education in developing countries.

The mother-of-four appeared with four others to open the Washington headquarters of Global Action for Children, a nonpartisan advocacy group formed in 2003.

Angie said to a room crowded with cameras and reporters, “This is a happy day because it is not often enough that these children are represented in this town. Our government has the power to choose which path these children are going to take. We know the consequences of our inaction. The best solution for anyone who is abandoned or displaced is to be home (in their own countries). I would support that first and foremost.”

When asked if her cause might be better served if she became more political or ran for elective office, Angelina scoffed: “I certainly don’t think anybody wants that.”

I do! Angelina for President!


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she aged

Comment by ory

Well she got one right.. Nobody wants that.. And now let’s move on..Wonder if Lilo fell off the wagon yet??

Comment by BeJeeBus

her eyebrows are perfection

Comment by LA whore

Love Angelina…she’s perfection!

Comment by meg

Wow, she looks beautiful, especially when she smiles.

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

ewwwwwwwwwwww…she is an ugly cow

Comment by Kathy

For those of you who hate Angelina Jolie (can’t understand why, but to each her own hang-ups) do not let your hate for the messenger, distract you from the justice of the message.

Comment by Mags

I forgot to add that the last picture shares a striking resemblence to Mr Ed..

Comment by BeJeeBus


Comment by duderino

VEEEEEEEINS!! Oh my goooood, how can anyone look past that? And the fact that her smile is atrocious?? And the fact that she is JUST 31-32 and looks 45? yeah most beautiful woman in the world.. Yeah..Sure…Alright then..

Comment by Keiko

Sometimes the messenger detracts from the message. Most informed intelligent people do not need Anglelina to reminds us what our priorities are. Some of us were vastly aware of them when she was whoring with everyman in site to include her brother. Maybe, the problem with her father stems from the fact that he wasn’t sucked into her vortex of need and self-aggrandizement.

Comment by amara

Who does this girl think she is?? Just exactly how long has it been since she was kissing her brother and doing Billy Bob in the back seat of a limo whilst on their way to award shows??? And now shes forming some sort of international army of children with a man whom she stole from another woman..yes she’s an angel..

Comment by Rebbie

Such beauty and a big heart too.
Love this woman.

Comment by Jake

i can’t fault her for lending a hand in these causes. to each their own if you hate her. i used to really dislike her in her young days. but now i believe she changed and is genuine about this stuff, so ehhh whatever.

Comment by EAT IT

I love her!! She is one of the few celebs who I think actually cares about the charity that she is working for. It’s great that celebs give money to charities but its even better to really get involved like Ange does. I think she would be fantastic working in politics or something. When she’s done with movies she should definately be like Audrey Hepburn and become even more involved with her charity.

Comment by Stephi

i don’t like her but i have to admit she looked pretty good until she smiled! there’s a huge vein just popping out of nowhere. brad must really love veins because if i had to stare at that vein for longer than 30 seconds i’d probably start screaming!

Comment by bluebird

Who does this girl think she is?? Just exactly how long has it been since she was kissing her brother and doing Billy Bob in the back seat of a limo whilst on their way to award shows???


Wasn’t this SEVEN YEARS ago?
i am not an Angelina fan, but I make mistakes in my life and to be judged for mistakes from almost a decade ago is unfair.

Comment by Marcy

love and admired her, for not hiding her fault.

Comment by pp

DId anybody stop to think for a second that maybe it ISNT normal for a 35 year old acctress to look 20. She looks her age and I bet this is beacuse she HASNT had work or botox like EVERYONE else out there. I like the vein beacuse it means there is no botox on her face.

Comment by Meaghan

Most informed intelligent people do not need Anglelina to reminds us what our priorities are. Some of us were vastly aware of them

Comment by amara 04.26.07 @ 11:07 pm |Edit This

Agreed, just hope we are doing something about.

We should learn to appreciate everyone little effort

Comment by sam

Meaghan you really don’t think she’s never had surgery do you???

Comment by blah

Physically, she’s become a caricature of herself.

Comment by Kidge

I look at other post, she got more comments. And people kept saying they hate her, but can,t wait to post comment on her post, funny

Comment by teg

love her. she does so much amazing work and i hope those people that love to point out her flaws do as much as they can- or do they just sit at home and criticise?

shes 35 and wearing hardly any makeup- she looks great!

Comment by SAS

cool and beautiful woman

Comment by THE DEVIL

shes looking more and more like her father

Comment by analbeads

‘shes 35 and wearing hardly any makeup- she looks great!’

Actually, she’s 31. She does act a lot older though.

Comment by Phoenix

she’s only fighting for orphans so she can adopt them all and add em to her collection.

Comment by a


Comment by Trinidad

A lil something for those less interested in bitching about Angelina Jolie, and more interested in what GAC is about and who else is helping to bring it to the worlds attention.


WASHINGTON, April 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Angelina Jolie appeared at a press conference today to announce the formal launch of Global Action for Children (GAC). GAC is a nonpartisan advocacy organization focused on increasing funding by $2.5 billion per year by the US government for programs that support orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and provide free primary school education in developing countries.

GAC was formed in 2003 as a campaign organized by faith-based, nongovernmental and student organizations dedicated to OVC and the communities that care for them. GAC’s unique strength lies in the diversity of its partners and allies and its ability to mobilize a broad range of constituencies to advocate for children. Today’s announcement by Ms. Jolie marks the establishment of GAC’s new headquarters in Washington, DC, and formalization of the organization and staffing.

The press conference followed meetings between Ms. Jolie and GAC Executive Director Jennifer Delaney and senior officials at the U.S. Department of State to discuss policies and funding that will support OVC programs and access to education.

Ms. Jolie said, “The numbers associated with this problem are staggering. It is overwhelming and the scale of the problem seems to give many an excuse for inaction. In many ways it is better to think of these children one by one — each deserving of our care and attention, each being of equal value, and each being a test of whether justice — or injustice — will prevail.”

Comment by Trinidad

^^^ continued

Speakers joining Ms. Jolie and Ms. Delaney at the press conference included Rev. Mpho Tutu, Chairperson of the Global AIDS Alliance Board, and director of the Tutu Institute; Gene Sperling, Director of the Center on Universal Education at the Council on Foreign Relations; Kay Warren, Executive Director of Saddleback Church’s HIV/AIDS Initiative, and wife of Pastor Rick Warren.

Jennifer Delaney, Executive Director of GAC added, “Angelina Jolie is a global leader on children issues. We are thrilled to have her as the honorary chairperson of the GAC Board. Her support of GAC helps us to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries and the communities that care for them get the support they need.”

GAC and Angelina Jolie also issued a call to the American public to encourage the US government to support orphans now and educate all kids for the future by calling 1-888-731-KIDS. For more information please visit website.

Comment by Trinidad

Working in politics? With no college education or degree? Nope.

I applaud her for bringing this issue to light with her celebrity. On another note, I don’t like her. I just realized it and I’m not sure why, but I don’t. She looks gaunt here… much older than her 31 years.

Comment by Aysla

she’s using her celebrity status for good. she’s making a difference to many lives. some spread their legs for the world to see, others see the world and make a difference.

Comment by dottcomm1

Agree Aysla. I don’t really like her but I’m not sure why. There are many times that I do like her, especially with her children. I like that she’s bringing attention to a great cause – children. I don’t know, sometimes I like her, sometimes I don’t. I think maybe she’s got conflicting personalities? And I probably do too .. ? Dam, hard to fault her.

Comment by candyapple

^Yeah, I feel the same way. It’s odd though, I used to be a HUGE fan. Still, I like seeing pictures where she smiles… I think her smile is really pretty, vein and all.

Comment by Aysla

^I’m the opposite. My admiration has only grown for her. I used to be “eh, whatever” about her and I mean seriously, but I stopped shining her on a long time ago. She’s the real deal. I am not so much a fan of her as a actor, but I am serious fan of how she has not gave a damn about what people think about her, and has gone on to do and help where she feels she can. I admire that so much. She does not give a shit if anyone likes her or not. She is not letting that dictate her life and I f’n love it.

Comment by Trinidad

thanks for the clarification phoenix!

trinidad i feel exactly the same way. before the ‘haters’ start its not a deluded ‘fan-love’ thing- she does so much good and i really respect her for it. she has changed a hell of a lot since she became a mother- a lot more settled and less ‘hollywood’ than in her early 20’s.

Comment by SAS

If Angelina and Brad were photographed at all the in clubs and restaurants, all the Rodeo Drive shops and cruising Melrose, all of you would be criticizing their extravagance and meaninless lifestyle. At least the woman has some direction and a cause in her life, and is trying to make a difference. And again…you can’t steal someone from another person.

Comment by audrey

eww. yuck

Comment by Rai

I think she is getting too skinny…:(

Comment by Adora

Ok, I might get reamed for this, but seriously. Why does the US have to support everyone else? Why can’t we start keeping the money here?? We are already so much in debt due to lending money to other countries. How ’bout we start getting our money back so that we can support the American People???????? It’s great that Angelina is doing charitible work, but can’t she keep something local?

Comment by me

WOW!! She has definitely aged & she needs to get that throbbing vein on her forehead checked. That said, they are living in New Orleans. There is plenty of charity work to be done there. I hope she’s on it.

Comment by spinner

now those are some fake lashes if ever i saw them

aside from that and the vein, good work angelina on the orphans thing.

Comment by sigh

Look carefully at those eyes–i’m telling you, she is crazy (Billy Bob knows…)

Comment by MikeC...

Wasn’t this SEVEN YEARS ago?
i am not an Angelina fan, but I make mistakes in my life and to be judged for mistakes from almost a decade ago is unfair.

Comment by Marcy 04.26.07
No Marcy, it’s not. If she lost my favorite shirt, then yes it’s extreme to be still holding her accountable..but when you show a complete lack of moral, self respect and good judgement-up until breaking up a marriage as little as two years ago..maybe children aren’t the first item of business to straighten out…

Comment by Rebbie

She changed around the time she adopted Maddox – about five years ago. It didn’t happen over night.

Comment by Phoenix

LOVE her. Most of you haters don’t help children like she does. And I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about TIME and EFFORT. When you do, THEN you can hate…

Comment by Anony

At least she’s putting some effort to do something good and worthwhile instead of wasting away like some other celebs.

Comment by June

Anyone who keeps bringing up her past… I bet you have one or a hundred one skeletons in your closet… people change. She’s not just talking the talk, she’s walking the walk!
And maybe she looks aged (or actually her age) because unlike other stars busy getting facials and botox, she’s actually running after 4 kids, working on world issues, filming movies with meaning AND FUCKING BRAD PITT..


Comment by only.1.without.herpes

just shut up about her looking old and her veins or whatever.. seriously

Comment by tez

I love her. But only since this post. She’s amazing, good on her.

Comment by Arrrh

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