April 26, 2007, 3:15 pm
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Britney Spears got on with her busy schedule yesterday. First stop, the photo studio, next she popped to a vintage clothes shop and finally the beauty salon.

But days after revealing her dazzling new toned figure, the singer was seen wearing a mini-dress and boots, revealing a dimpled and blotchy right thigh prompting speculation that Brit underwent lipo!

As you may recall, earlier reports had Britney visiting the Advanced Lipo Dissolve Center in Las Vegas in a bid to remove some of the fat that has accumulated on her stomach after having her children.

Our thoughts?


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put on a damn bra!

Comment by dottcomm1

She does need a bra. It takes women some time to figure out that their titties aren’t in the same condition as they were when they were younger. And 0nce you do realize it, it is depressing.

Comment by Ice Queen

That close-up is so photoshopped it’s not even funny. Get glasses people.

Comment by hah

why would someone who has lots of money dress like that. it’s crazy, that is too much white trash to handle. please brit get a f*CKING STYLIST and go see your kids, they didn’t ask to be born o.k, so dont punish them for your mistakes, you idiot

Comment by bunny

still looking trashy..britney you are OVER!

Comment by k

Her body is not going to be perfect! She’s had 2 kids and shes been constantly gaining and losing weight… I guarantee if you took a close up photo of any of us there would be a few dimples here and there… give the girl a damn break.. she looks good all things considered

Comment by anonymous

I just wish the Brit lost the weight the natural way, diet and exercise. But she wasnt overweight to begin with, these Hollyweird gals are so super skinny of course Brit was going to look fat.

OOh and i agree with Bunny…Go see your kids!

Comment by kt

Defiantely needs a bra – if she wants to go “natural” she should have had a breast lift. Tired of seeing the boots … what’s up with that? I think she looks 100% better and still looks like like crap. Just sayin’.

Comment by candyapple

She’s got CRAZY written all over her…

Comment by Uproar


Comment by carlett

It’s called Cellulite dumbass. She had two babies and the rapid gaining and losing of her weight is what caused the “orange peel” skin effect.

Comment by EEEEEEEE

I’m sure our skin looks like that in motion. Remember that bikini shot of Nicole Ritchie when she was running? Looked like flub/bad skin, too.
Regardless, what the HELL is she wearing?

Comment by 15

EVeryone has their own style, and I like that she is rich but still has favourites she wears all the time. Normal people wear shoes more then once, and britney does it and its criminal? Ive worn my fave heels for a year now and they’re still kickin’, haha. EVeryone thinks its ugly but I LOVE the fact that she wears clothes she likes and everyones hates, she’s like ‘fuck ya’ll I have my own style’. Im 21 and when you look at my ass it does NOT look smooth as a babies, why the fuck should hers?

Comment by Meaghan

She has not had lipo!! Why can’t anyone just give her credit for getting her body into shape the way she used to do it? She used to exercise her butt off and that’s what she’s doing now. But noone can say that about her because that’s just too positive right? So pathetic.

Comment by Stephi

don’t like her at all. never have, never will. but the leg close-up looks like photoshop.

Comment by EAT IT

argh these wig hat combos are just ridiculous WE REMEBER YOU WENT CRAZY AND SHAVED YOUR HEAD!

i’d give her a break on the wobbly thighs- we’ve all got a bit of cellulite somewhere- she is human. that being said how can she leave the house in good conscience in a dress that sheer without a bra! yuck she looks disgusting here.

Comment by SAS

that close-up is crap

Comment by priapism

I doubt the leg close up is photoshopped, but I couldn’t care less. Everyone has a little bit of stretch mark or cellulite on them….it’s just the way we women have fat deposits. It sucks, but it’s a fact of life.

Comment by parissucksliterally

nothing wrong with lipo. shes just doing it to please her fans.

Comment by 1718

I’m sorry, she’s just unattractive and trashy, and I don’t see why she’s still famous.

Comment by superblondgirl

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