April 26, 2007, 4:48 pm
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Bikini season is just around the corner and Carmen Electra asks: ARE YOU READY?


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She is hot in a trashy kind of way.

Comment by Red

air to the brush… ha ha

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

is that a skin tone bathing suit or just bodypaint w/ beads ???
either way its genius

Comment by Kaya

The second pic on the bottom is gross.

Comment by Me

but those are all paintings… where are the pictures? 😉

Comment by jupter

weird.. they airbrushed her nipples…she’s NIP-less!

Comment by Anonymous

so weird!

The lack of niples is just BIZARRO

Comment by THE DEVIL

So weird that her nipples are airbrushed… She still looks amazingly hot.

Comment by Agustina

HOT!!! I love Carmen and there is no doubt that she takes fantastic photos. She has an amazing body and I doubt that she really needed too much airbrushing to look like this. It seems pretty close to life in my opinion. Now I feel like chocolate buttons…..mmmmm

Comment by Stephi

Airbrushing + major photoshopping.

Comment by Aysla

I am absolutely NOT ready for a bikini, especially after that. HOLY!

Comment by superblondgirl

Yea thanks for making the rest of us feel like we’re lardasses

Comment by kfed's left testicle

trashy, but she’s a very pretty girl

Comment by sigh

anyone can be ready for bikini season with a stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser, an airbrusher and good lighting….duh! and she has weird fingers.

Comment by crumbly

I looove Carmen and I think she’s waaay hotter than Pamela. Carmen still looks pretty without make-up and her body is way sexier and healthier too.

Comment by Inna

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