April 26, 2007, 5:24 pm
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The conservative right seems to be shedding its stodgy, up-tight, old fashioned image.

Just a little bit.

In less than four weeks, the president’s top adviser has changed his name to ‘M.C. Rove’ (at least for one night) and President Bush let his hair down enough to cut a rug.

The commander in-chief showed off his “happy feet” in Washington, D.C. yesterday during Malaria Awareness Day.

CLICK HERE to check it out. It is truly cringe-inducing.


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He starts hula dancing in the middle.

Laura,move back in to casa blanca Jorge needs you.

Comment by B :)

What? This is so cute and I hate George Bush. He was just dancing like 99% of middle aged white men. LOL. Ever heard of the White Man’s Overbite? Well he’s got it.

Comment by Ice Queen

Whatever. He’s not being a stodgy putz, he’s involved. Deal with it.

Comment by no

what a douchebag….dumbass…

Comment by starr

I think it’s cute. At least he tried to stay on beat.

Comment by Yo Mama

i think it’s kinda cute too.

Comment by Anonymous

Nice to know he’s having such a good time while people are being killed in Iraq every day because of his dumb ass. It would be nice if he would do something right, like have a little decorum.

Comment by Tammie

Laura is mortified and for the first time in her life hates being the first lady because you have to do bullshit like this to prove you’re down.. haha.. And Bush is a douche regardless. One “dance” don’t right a million wrongs..

Comment by BeJeeBus

I had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t an SNL skit.

Comment by giadana

You know he has made his mistakes, there is no denying that, but I honestly think that he has always done what he thinks is right for America. It’s a fucking hard role he has taken on and he has tried his best…even if that hasn’t been good enough. I don’t really like him but I like that he is being involved and can have a laugh. Good on ya George.

Comment by Stephi

any mention of this person turns my stomach. every day i hope it is one day closer to when he is exposed for his crimes against humanity- as many people that died in the world trade centre die every day in iraq because of his imbecilic ego. stupid dance or no- there is nothing this man could do short of being impeached that would make me smile.

Comment by SAS

if you’d like a little perspective PLEASE look at to see his piece on this ‘cute’ dance.

Comment by SAS

Wow, SAS, nice link. I usually try to stay out of the political arena, but … just gotta say, nice to know that … we can dance. Lots of people not dancing, people dying to give the right to others to just dance … I dunno. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Comment by candyapple

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