April 26, 2007, 2:13 pm
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It appears Britney Spears is anxious to show off her post rehab transformed body.

The 25-year-old songstress is apparently informing the paparazzi in advance, before going for her daily tasks.

“Britney has been tipping off the paparazzi agencies before she heads out for her daily errands. She has been doing it for the past couple of weeks,” a source close to Brit is quoted by the Mirror as saying.

According to the source, Brit has even managed to employ a political message into the coverage.

“She’s also been posing for video paparazzi, hence her recent video rant against her management,” the source said.

However, reps for the paparazzi princess have denied any direct contact between the singer and the paparazzi. But then again, that is what reps do — deny, deny, deny!


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oh please, I’m SURE she calls them. If she wasn’t an attention whore, she wouldn’t be walking around in outfits like that one. She’d be covered, and change INSIDE like most people.

Comment by parissucksliterally

She is trying so hard for someone to love her.
How about trying to love yourself first you wsahed up dead beat parent, AKA: Brit

Comment by Red

i am so sick of this attention-grabbing skank. she’s got serious issues. address them, brit, hug your kids, and get a life!

Comment by dottcomm1

Who will she call when nobody cares?

Comment by lola lola

Britney lost me. I dont wish her harm, but she’s a fake and a phoney and she has played the world if you ask me.

Comment by Trinidad

I don’t blame her for attempting to get a bit of good publicity for a change. The poor girl has had nothing but bad things said about her for the past three years. If I was her I would want everyone to know about one of the things I had done right as well. It’s good that she knows she is looking good. It will boost her confidence a ton. And she is not the only celeb who calls the paps, Paris, Lindsay and Nicole have done this for years.

Comment by Stephi

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