April 26, 2007, 1:59 pm
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With her necklines dropping and her hemlines riding up it is just a matter of time before a lucky pap gets a heady shot of Britney Spears.

On Tuesday, the 25-year-old songstress was riding her car on her way home with cousin Allie after another stint in the recording studio when photogs drew up next to her in his car.

Brit lowered the top of her convertible to facilitate a clear shot and gave the enterprising lensman her ‘broad’est smile.

In all probabilities she wanted to show the photog nothing other than her recently polished teeth but little did she realize her orange top with its deep and frayed neckline was revealing not just a sumptuous décolletage but also her left boob right down to its nipple.



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People with very low self image, dont give a shit if their fugly boobs show, prime example of someone needing some mental help of sorts.

Comment by Red

does anyone else notice….. NO SEATBELTS???????????

stoopid!!!! (yes, i’m aware that i spelled stupid wrong…just pretend Lindsay spelled it!!)

Comment by LAjohnboy

Oh dear!! This could happen to anyone and I’m sure Brit is totally oblivious to what is happening. She really need to wear a bra!! I understand that they can be pretty annoying and restricting but seriously when you are being photographed every day you really need to cover those things up a bit.

Comment by Stephi

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