April 26, 2007, 5:06 pm
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Guess what? Paris Hilton might actually not be such a good singer after all!!! (I know — pretty shocking.)

Apparently, rock eccentric Prince has known about the ridiculously rich socialite’s dirty little secret for some time, and he challenged her to a sing-off at his recent Las Vegas show, Us Weekly reports.

The hotel heirhead reportedly attended the Purple One’s concert with friends at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, where Prince invited her to join him for a song. The blonde bobblehead was apparently “delighted” and happily bounced to the stage, where she was handed a mic before Prince snapped, “Let’s see if she can really sing.”


Needless to say Paris shortly stormed offstage. Reps for the laughingstock are denying the incident.


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Comment by only.1.without.herpes

In this industry what happend to her was amazingfor her.
This means Prince believed she was relevant enough to address and invite on stage. When does that ever happen???
This is fame. That is their Game.

Comment by B :)

Prince is talented but weird. Good what he did to Paris though. I don’t enjoy her at all.

Comment by Ice Queen

I call BS because in this age of youtube, camera phones, etc. – don’t ya think something would have shown up already… i mean no one took a video of this….yeah right

Comment by huh?


If you made enough money, wouldnt your’re reps deny things that made a mockery out of you? 😉

She cant sing. Been proven.

Comment by Red

And I know they are fake, but at least they can sing.

Comment by Red

LOVE him. Always did–but his incredible performance at the Superbowl totally reminded me how AWESOME he is…everyone stinks when they do that bowl..stadiums too big, no repore with audience, cheesy dancers etc but he was fabulous…he can do NO WRONG

Comment by lola lola

I mean….Come on…Even with all the machines and help and dubbing in the world Paris couldn’t even sound half decent, so of course she would be mortified of having to show her true colors.. Bitch thought money could buy talent..

Comment by BeJeeBus

that’s awesome. i wish there was footage. hehe love me some prince.

Comment by EAT IT

Even if he did say that it sounds like he might have said it as if Paris was about to prove everyone wrong. I dunno…that’s just the way I read it. I’ve heard Paris sing live before at Hef’s b’day and that’s all the proof I need that there was a lot of ‘enhancement’ done on that album.

Comment by Stephi

I wanna see footage of that. Prince rocks for humilliating Paris.

Comment by Agustina

LOL and you just know that when she walked up to the stage she was thinking that she was prince’s equal. honestly.

Comment by SAS

….I love Prince..inspite of being and Art-eest…he is very talented…and the job he did on the Joni Mitchell tribute album is absolutely outstanding…and yes..THIS IS YET ANOTHER COMPLIMENT…OMG…i’ve backslidden….what’s happening to me..I used to be so mean…out damn stain!

and it was a PERFECT 10 of a burn!!! TZzzzzzzzzit–ahhh….

Comment by Toonkinstein

SAS you made me laugh… true!

Hey BJB! we still have to meet at the dog park….

Comment by parissucksliterally

Hey BJB & PSL!!! I adore Prince. CREAM!!
I really hope this happened but I am wondering why there is no footage nor even a pic.

Comment by spinner

i guess someone of prince’s calibre could demand no cameras at his show…

Comment by SAS

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