April 26, 2007, 12:21 am
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He may have had a ridiculous sense of style and he may have lacked baritone abilities, but there is no denying the fact that ‘American Idol’ castoff Sanjaya Malakar has an uncanny ability to get his lady-fans all up in a tizzy.

Now in a new interview with People, Sanjaya says he’s always been smooth with the ladies.

“I’ve always gotten along with girls better because I was raised by women,” he says. “I got teased in school because people figured I must be gay because I understand women.”

Sanjaya attributes his understanding of the opposite sex to his mother and sister Shyamali, whom he is closest to.

He explains, “I think guys didn’t like me – because I got along with girls so well. When I went up to girls they would give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek like I was their gay friend. But I was the straight guy that understood them.”

We’ve clearly been getting the story wrong the entire time. Sanjaya is a lady’s man — not a ladyman.


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Oh give a break! Are you kidding me?!

His smile irritates me hell out of me.

Ladies man my ass. More like a mans man.

Comment by OhHellNo!

I’ve always gotten that gay vibe from him. Mark my words, it’s only a matter of time before we’re reading stories about Sanjaya and Marines, motel rooms and towel-spunk in the Enquirer.

Comment by me

C’mon, guys. He’s a friggin’ kid. Give him a break.

Comment by Papi's Puta



at 17 I was in no way ready to say I was gay even if it was obvious to some people. Just let him be hes just a boy and hes most def. scared.

Comment by Victor Atomic

A kid?! Most people at 17 have already had sex!

Comment by Samantha Jones

he’s straight. and i’m the queen of england!

Comment by dottcomm1

He is just cleaning out his closet, though he is lost in the collection of wigs he owns.

Did you all hear, that his mom got busted on alot weed she was growing in the house?……Yeap about 2 years ago. Then his sister got busted also, with weed and “smoking devices”


Comment by Red


Comment by Ridwah

I never thought he was gay. I know so many dudes like him. They can be a girl’s friend platonically, but don’t think they are not also sneeking a peek and testing the waters at the same time lol.

Comment by Trinidad

People need to stop judging by what society tells them is visually this or that. I have known men who were jocks and called themselves “a man’s man,” and even a handfull of married with kids guys………guess what? all were (some still are) perping hetero. I bet somebody on this board living with somebody who’s living a lie, but because they sitting there calling Sanjaya all kinds of _ags and sissy’s, nobody is the wiser. Please do not let the outside be the only thing you’re basing stuff.

Comment by Trinidad

I wonder.. if Sanjaya knew he would be involved in so much controversy, would he have even thought about auditioning for american idol…

-he gets shit on by the judges and critics who say very hurtful things and he’s not the one voting, it was america
-people claim he is gay.. if he is and he’s not ready or totally conscious of it, this type of shit can be very scary and damaging.. if he is not, it too can be damaging to his identity as a man
-and NOW we have his mother and sister pushing budds and he is catching flack for their past..


Comment by only.1.without.herpes

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