April 26, 2007, 8:43 pm
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Spidermania was in full-swing today for the Spanish premiere of the much anticipated ‘Spider-man 3.’ Hundreds of die-hard Spidey fans gathered in Madrid, some dressed as the web-slinger himself, to greet the film’s stars. Sadly for them, franchise star Tobey Maguire was nowhere to be seen. Instead fans had to settle for Kirsten Dunst and James Franco.


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I’d take James over Tobey any day!

Comment by hah

I’d “settle” for James ANYDAY!

Comment by indian

I’m sorry, but Tobey got nothing on James, even though he might be gay.. Tobey looks like a grandfather and has the sentiment of one too.. James is hot, so no complaints from me.. Now can we get someone else instead of Snaggletooth?

Comment by BeJeeBus

Can’t this girl EVER find a flattering color to wear?

Comment by 15

When did you get inside my head beejeebus? Lol i agree 100%

Comment by SAS

I’d settle on top of James any day of the week haha

Comment by Anonymous

so many people think James is a hottie, yet he does NOTHING for me, at ALL.

that’s what makes the world go round…..

Comment by parissucksliterally

James doesn’t look good here. Although the color of the dress is a bit pale for my liking, I think Kirsten looks pretty. Ah, how I’d love to be in Madrid…

Comment by Aysla

Kristen looks admissible! rejoice!

Comment by candy

her face could definitely pass for the new era of catwoman.

Comment by girl2love

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