April 26, 2007, 7:58 pm
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KATIE HOLMES looked like quite a lady in her elegant YSL skirt during one of her notorious Barney’s shopping sprees. Meanwhile, pint sized fashionista MARY-KATE OLSEN made a big contrast from her trademark street urchin style at a recent soiree in L.A. And finally, PARIS HILTON went from ass to class (well, sorta) in the pages of French Vogue.


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Katie all the way…MK as usual looks like a ten year old boy and Paris…well Paris once again proves why everyone thinks shes is a skank.

Comment by Jenny

I think Mary Kate wore it the best, but I also like it on Paris, but that Jockey tank top is disgusting lol.

The cardigan that Katie’s wearing makes the outfit look way too little girl, and she just looks silly in it. I almost think she’s too tall for it, but she and Paris are about the same height, so that’s not it. I think she’s too elegant for a skirt that playful, it just doesn’t suit her personality.

Comment by Truly

Paris is so trashy..I wish she would jsut go away…

Comment by the voice

Paris looks the most cutting edge. Obviously…it’s a photoshoot. She’s not at a cocktail party.


Comment by urban_g6

That is not a woman.
That is a damn drag queen.

Comment by Red

I have to say Paris.

Now kill me.

Comment by Anony

Perfect skirt for someone who likes to combine a corset and pantaloons.

Comment by Pin

There’s no class to Paris, not even sorta.

Comment by Brandy

Definitely MK. She makes it look stylish. Katie just really tries soooooooo hard to follow every trend that it never works in her advantage. Instead she ends up applying styles and cuts that aren’t meant for a body time like hers and ends up a fashion victim instead of fashionista. She has quite wide hips so this skirt is by no means created for her body type.If she absolutely had to get the skirt, she should have opted for the longer version MK has, whichc wouldn’t make her ass look as wide…! Ok I’ll quit remblind..

Notice how I overlooked that Beak was mentioned in this post? Such nonsense..

Comment by BeJeeBus

Which and rambling.. Ha! PSL I did it before you got to it 🙂 Where is spinner these days??

Comment by BeJeeBus

Katy has elephant legs…two logs as legs

Comment by THE DEVIL

VOGUE did this??? She looks like some 1980s playboy wannabe. No freaking way.
Oh, and the skirt looks ridiculous on Katie. She should stick to streamlined fits.

Comment by 15

that’s not a ysl skrit! it’s a azzedine alaia skrit! and mary kate is the best in it!

Comment by ny me!

mk and katie, mk would’ve been my only choice if she gained a bit of weight.

Comment by bluebird

Definately MK. I’m not really a huge fan of the skirt but it flatter MK more than it does Katie or Paris. Katie look ridiculous to me and if only Paris wore a decent top…she would have been my choice. The cut off wife beater=classy. um not.

Comment by Stephi

Mary Kate. Katie looks bad. Paris should disappear. So Mary Kate.

Comment by Agustina

katie looks RIDICULOUS. and its really saying something when her smirk is worse than an olsens.

while i do like the fashion shoot i just can’t in good conscience give it to paris so mary kate wins.

Comment by SAS

I’d say Katie.

Anyway, isn’t the picture of Katie wearing the skirt in Paris? This was the time she went to Paris for fashion week. Here, she’s going to YSL show with Posh and she wearing this YSL skirt and a YSL “Rive Gauche” tote. Also, these doors are of the Paris Ritz.

Comment by Sarah

MK for me……and that is an UGLY pic of Paris. Id’ be so pissed at Vogue for picking that for the cover.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Ignoring the weird pouty gremlin face (eee!), MK. It suits her better. Paris is bland and Katie’s legs and hips are too wide for the skirt.

Comment by Aysla

Mary Kate, she actually looks really good. Paris’ shirt is too skanky and Katie’s hip/stomach area looks weird, it’s a dress more for a tiny elfin shape like MK’s.

Comment by superblondgirl

paris or should i say the stylist for taking it to the next fashion level…

Comment by sarah

katie – no contest

Comment by sigh

Cute skirt. MK wears it wonderfully. Katie needs to ditch that ridiculous jacket.

Oh, and I think I see a herpe trying to escape the side of Paris’ skirt. Ew.

Comment by caely

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