April 26, 2007, 2:07 pm
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Pamela Anderson has breathed new life into her trademark barely-there red swimsuit for a new TV commercial – and she proves she still have what it takes!

The stunning Canadian bombshell, who happens to turn 40 in three months, dusted off the famous red one-piece more than fifteen years after she made the look famous as the perky yet lovable CJ Parker on ‘Baywatch.’


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I really wish she’d take out the stupid implants. she looks so bad.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Thats a bad shot of the fat on her leg. 😐
Fake boobs, yeah gotta go. Its getting kinda of nasty looking to say the least.

Comment by Red

That is a ‘barely there’ swimsuit?? Been to the beach lately?

Why is this woman trying so hard to prove she’s “still got it”…honey, find something else because your grip on “it” is loosening.

Comment by lola lola

she looks so top heavy…

Comment by anonymous

40 years old and 2 kids later…she still looks good…

Comment by Kathy

she looks amazing…..especially after 2 kids and nearly hitting 40…..

Comment by Anonymous

She does still look good, but in person I bet those jugs look pretty damn cartoony.

Comment by Randi

…and she better slow down or she’ll end up with two black eyes.

Comment by Randi

AWWWWW this makes me miss Baywatch!! As corny and predictable as it was, it did make for good TV. I had this huge crush on Cody and my boyfriend now gets that he looks like him all the time. Score!
Honestly Pam has hardly changed…her boobs are a little bigger but other than that she looks fantastic!!

Comment by Stephi

what the hell is up with those nipples of hers…you know…they call tits head lites for a reason…those brown eyes need to look straight at the person IN FRONT OF YOU….but NOooooo…Pam is so vain…she wanted her tits to look only at her face…who did her tits anyway?? Some monkey in the monkey house at the zoo….she paid in bananas right…and Pam went “Oh oh…MEeeeeee”_…and the monkey shook it’s head no and insisted “OH OH Eeeeeeeeekkkk”….but Pam won the arguement and so her nips are staring north…


because she is Canadian her nips point north in tribute to her Canadian heritage…like little compasses…

but I digress….I had a long day and I get bored

Comment by Toonkinstein

She looks like she’s as old as Farrah Fawcett. Her body is a 9 and her face is a 2.5.

Comment by Inna

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