April 27, 2007, 12:18 am
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Lindsay Lohan told the May issue of Allure magazine that since finishing rehab, she craves nothing more than sex and fast food, saying, “I’m a sexual person – everyone is, I think. And once a month I’m a McDonald’s person. Everything in moderation.”

It was evidently that time of the month yesterday when La Lohan was spotted at a Los Angeles Mickey D’s loading up on empty calories.

No word on whether any hanky-panky took place before or after LiLo’s trans fatty feast.

Hot legs, blotchy fake tan. Meh, can’t win ’em call.


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guess she only adjusts her boobs before going out and never looks at her legs.

Comment by Nineveh

Why would she say something like that about having sex? She’s not Christina Aguilera…she’s a teenage girl. That comment doesn’t make her look like an empowered female or anything it just makes her look like a slut. It just gets on my nerves that she tries so hard to be someone that she is obviously not. And the fake tan…I’m not even gonna start on that.

Comment by Stephi

What kind of whore tells a magazine that she’s sexual? Ughhh such a pile of used up trash. Mean Girls ruined her.

Comment by a

*yawn*…she is boring….yeah..WE GET IT ALREADY…
She is an unemployed incoherent drug addicted drunk of a firecrotch…there is nothing more…her mom is a douche bag…enough already….seen enough….let’s talk about other things!!

Comment by Toonkinstein

maybe she should try PARTYING in moderation…..fucking twit.

…..and I don’t think she has great legs….great boobs, yes, but legs? not her best feature.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Glad she put that handbag on her lap before she got out of the car. Maybe she didn’t want anyone to see her crotch … today? Eveerything in moderation? Let’s not show our crotch on McDonald’s day? Great idea!

Comment by candyapple

i can’t stand her rat teeth. i never saw the appeal. i wish she’d just go away

Comment by dottcomm1

the fake tan on her leg is blotchy too!!

Comment by Anonymous

What kind of whore tells a magazine that she’s sexual? Ughhh such a pile of used up trash. Mean Girls ruined her.
Comment by a 04.27.07 @ 1:27 am |Edit This

angelina jolie

Comment by sigh

Is that a Porsche ??? What happened to her Mercedes Mclaren ????

Comment by MikeC....

@ Stephi

Shes 22 years old! grown up shes not ur teen idol anymore she moved in to the real (ADULT) world.


Comment by maggie

What was she thinking.. that tan is NASTY!!!

Comment by Anonymous

I’m sorry but I’m too old for her to ever have been my ‘teen idol’ Maggie. I’m the same age as her and I can manage to not blab about my sex life to people I don’t know and sort out my fake tan. It’s not that hard…maybe its you who can’t handle the truth.

Comment by Stephi

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