April 27, 2007, 3:31 pm
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Jennifer Lopez’s secret weapon when it comes to stealing the show on red carpets? Fashion tips from hubby Marc Anthony.

As last night’s Us Weekly Hot Hollywood 2007 bash, which honoured Lopez as Style Icon of the Year, Anthony said: “I pick out all her dresses, for the most part. I’m the Simon Cowell of my household — really honest.”

And it seems Jenny from the Block’s trademark style is contagious. “She developed my eye for it,” Marc admits. “I didn’t realize I was so good at it, but she could have 20 designers and five girlfriends in a room, and she’ll still say, ‘Let’s ask Mark.'”

His favourite colours on Jen? “Cream tones and light blues. I like when she has smoky, dark eye shadow. That really brings out the color in her eyes and drives me nuts. That’s my weakness.”

Needless to say, Lopez’s creamy white Ralph Lauren suit and sparkly blue eye shadow were a big hit.

Ali Larter poses like the true Hero that she is.The always stunning Carmen Electra

Lindsay Lohan stopped by to pick up her award for Red Carpet Style. Us Weekly editor Janice Min praised La Lopez and La Lohan’s looks. “Jennifer goes to so many events and looks amazing every single time, and Lindsay’s very confident in her style. Lindsay doesn’t tart herself up in the ways a lot of young actresses do on red carpets. She doesn’t overdo the cleavage; she doesn’t wear overly short skirts.”

Ashlee Simpson almost looks human

Last and certainly not least, Rose McGowan


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J.Lo and CARMEN at the YOUNG Hollywood Awards?

Come ON…..
of course Lohan is looking wasted.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Geez. Rose MaGowan looks like she was beaten with the hungover stick

Comment by lola lola

JLo is turning into John Travolta.
Carmen is turning into Fergie.
Lohan looks so dirty & drug ridden & her hair extensions look hideous. Sheesh!! I just can’t seem to say anything nice today.

Comment by spinner

oh…and Rose M has homewrecker face.

Comment by spinner

My hair looks like Carmen’s when I have not washed it in 3 days. She always looks stringy and wasted to me.

Comment by my2cents

everytime i see rose m i think ‘yeah…you truly are a poster child for bad plastic surgery’. I would even buy the poster on ebay.

Comment by yeahso?

So Lindsey just tarted herself up for this award show? Lucky us… blech.

Comment by barks

Blowhan looks fug. nice meth zits!

Comment by crumbly

rose is turning into michael jackson. i give her a few years until her face starts to fall apart.

Comment by here&there

lilo looks terrible. i love rose’s dress (as bad as her face looks).

Comment by dottcomm1

Rose’s face actually looks better than before, but she took away all of her natural beauty with plastic surgery.

Lohan looks as delusional as ever.

Comment by beeble

Lindsay and Rose look BUSTED! Hopefully bad lighting… Ashley, well, she’s not Ashley anymore, for sure.

JEN IS ALWAYS IMMACULATE.. .Viva la Boricua!!!!!

Comment by only.1.without.herpes




Comment by NARC

Sorry, but all of them looked washed and weathered. none of them look classy.

Comment by Miss

“Lindsay doesn’t tart herself up in the ways a lot of young actresses do …” I certainly would characterize L Lohan as a high standard to meet. Remember Halloween? Remember the flash getting out of the boat? Remember the plaid oversized shirt last week? And what about the slouch? P-Lease!

Comment by Brandy

how much drugs did lindsay share to get them to say that about her ‘style’! Please.

i thought ali was sienna miller at first. and ashlee looks so generic. she might not have been perfect before all the surgery but at least she looked like herself!

Comment by SAS

Could Marc sound any more like a gay stylist if he tried! I would be scared if my boyfriend had a favourite hue of eyeshadow on me…
Jen- She looks really gorgeous. Classic, chic style!
Ali- I love her but she can look a lot better than this. Her hair slicked like that doesn’t really suit her.
Carmen- She can look better as well. Her hair looks a bit lank…the dress is cute though!
Lindsay- Holy crap!! Obviously she was trying to be all stylish and it just fell flat. The frizzball hair and the bad fake tan…nooo Lindsay nooo!!
Ashlee- she looks gorgeous…but I swear I’ve seen her in this dress before!! No?
Rose- The dress is hot on her but her face is looking awful. I wonder if it has anything to do with that car accident?

Comment by Stephi

Jennifer Lopez – I really like her suit. Very classy.
Ali Larter – I agree that she can look better, but she looks very good.
Carmen Electra – She can look way better, yes, but she looks amazing. I love that little black dress.
Lindsay Lohan – Well… She’s worn worse.
Ashlee Simpson – She looks great.
Rose McGowan – Love the dress, hate her face. That’s a very bad plastic surgery.

Comment by Agustina

Rose is fucking georgous
all of you can go fuck yourselves.

Comment by Anonymous

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