April 27, 2007, 8:37 pm
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Day two of a special photo-shoot/commercial was underway today as Pamela Anderson donned her infamous red swimsuit atop a lifeguard chair.

Onlookers might have thought they were experiencing déjà vu when they saw the blonde bombshell running down a Malibu beach.  It was more than 15 years that she played everyone’s favourite lifeguard CJ Parker on the hit series ‘Baywatch.’ But the 39-year-old proved she’s still got what it takes as she reprised her famous role all in the name of charity.


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DIRECTV is a charity?

Comment by spike

Those tits are a damn joke.

Comment by my2cents

She’s only 39??? FUCK! Thought she was in her 40’s!

Comment by Missu

Everything about her is a joke.

Comment by amara

yeah, i thought she was well into her 40s too.

Comment by thighmegatampon

She looks fantastic!! I’m loving this whole Baywatch revival thing!! She looks pretty much the same now and she did back then, especially her body. I liked her boobs better back then though, the implants were a bit smaller. But I guess bit fake boobs are kinda her trademark now…

Comment by Stephi

She looks more like she’s 50! Lord knows how she’d look like without a ton of make up and her boobs. Not appealing at all but she’s still sexy for sure.

Comment by Inna

Fake from head to toe. Not much to admire here.

Comment by spinner

Made of plastic, but beautiful.

Comment by Agustina

her boobs are redonkulous

Comment by crumbly

she looks like a rubber duck for pervs.

Comment by THE DEVIL

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