April 27, 2007, 1:22 am
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French Rascal Olivier Martinez trying to leave LAX.

Olivier nearly didn’t make it — after trying to avoid photographers, he busted through a safety rope at a security check point and was pulled back by airport staff so they could check his boarding pass.

Once Olivier got to the screening area he was selected by TSA staff for additional searches.

The 40-year-old actor asked TSA staff if he could go somewhere else to be searched so that waiting photographers couldn’t get photographs of him. Fortunately for him (and thus unfortunately for us), he was taken into a private room to be searched.


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He ain’t a rat. He escaped the plastic, botoxed clutches of an aging pop starlet after standing by her while she was ill. He served his time.

Comment by Papi's Puta

Super Rat!

Comment by THE DEVIL

papi’s puta: Misogyny is the weapon of rats!

Comment by THE DEVIL

He looks haggard as hell…

Comment by Kidge

^ ^ most ppl look like shit after flying. i actually think he looks pretty hot.

Comment by SAS

Hardly a rat, he stuck with her through her cancer. Most real assholes would have split a whole lot earlier.

Comment by JC

He hasn’t done anything that other guys haven’t done. Give the guy a break, nobody would care if he wasn’t a star. The guy is HOT anyway and his ex was ugly!!

Comment by wowinaz

I think american press and gossip give him a hard time just because he’s french…

Comment by Jill

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