April 27, 2007, 3:33 am
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Comeback princess Britney Spears brought her sons Sean Preston and 7-month-old Jayden James to her dance studio rehearsal this afternoon.

It had been weeks since we last last laid eyes on the Federline boys. Since leaving Promises in Malibu, Britney has been busy shopping, tanning, dinning, dancing and recording – but not parenting in public.

It’s comforting to know the little ankle-biters are alive and well. Now I wonder why Brit keeps hiding Jayden’s face. Fetal alcohol syndrome?



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Comment by Britney Back!!!

I can’t get past the outfit…..sorry, I’m, LAUGHING

of course, the BOOTS are part of the ensemble….

Comment by parissucksliterally

the queen is ugly and looks like a hooker…

Comment by ano

she’s probably so deluded she still thinks she’ll get a million dollar photo shoot with jayden.

she looks terrible here from to toe. and poor sean is unfortunate looking as well.

yes yes i’m a total bitch, all babies are beautiful blah blah blah.

Comment by SAS

…and now we know why she didn’t play Daisy Duke. She just can’t shed the white trash image.

Comment by Randi

Brit with her kids? Pigs must be flying! Hold on, let me look out the window… 😛

I think Sean is cute. I also think Brit hasn’t worked for that body… I believe the lipo stories. And no, there’s no hope of a comeback- she’s deluding herself.

Comment by Aysla

She should really look into buying a bra.

Comment by Anonymous

Nathan Lane may be the father of that child…

Comment by matt

Sean is a cutie, considering his unfortunate parental gene pool. And for someone who doesn’t want attention, she sure goes out of her way to make sure she gets a lot of it.

Comment by audrey

Judging by the ensamble, I have gathered that she is bringing disco back? Sorry Hun, Madonna did that last year and it wasn’t hot!

Comment by BeJeeBus

Yeah, boots, smelly fishnets and cowboy hat – your typical dance studio outfit.

I would just like to know one thing: how many years does this moron have to go to the dance studio to come up with a CD?

Comment by Cassie

She’s such a hick. And a cow. Of course she had lipo. It shows in her flabby upper arms, droopy boobs and pasty face which can’t be fixed so easily just by paying money to the clinic. You have to invest some work, Barfney, to get those toned.

And what can’t be fixed so easily is also her – what some poster at another blog so appropriately called – disgusting personality.

Comment by Tara

Why does she always have to display herself and her ugly chunky body? Don’t they have lockerrooms at the dance studio?

What is her concept anyway? The fuglier you look, the more often you undress in public?

I totally believe the story that she always informs the paps when she will be leaving her home. There are plenty of other, more interesting female celebrities whose pics the paps would LOVE to take (especially since you do not see them 5 times per day like you see this skank) but you do not see their pictures on the net.

Comment by Didi

oh my eyes……they burn!

Comment by l

Hilarious!! Her kid does look like Nathan Lane. That is too funny!!

Comment by Anonymous

Most Moms take their kids on an outing to the park. Brit takes them to the dance studio. It’s always all about Brit.

Comment by spinner

dance away, brit, but your voice is still awful!

Comment by dottcomm1

good point spinner!

Did, I said that on another post- if she wasn’t desperate for attention, she’d be covered, and change INSIDE.

Comment by parissuckliterally

yep PSL…agreed. Look at her parading herself around OUTSIDE the studio. She has no shame…only ego.

Comment by spinner

She keeps that kid hidden probably because it’s not K Fed’s! What a has been. The girl needs some help in the fashion department and the mothering department. LOOSER!!!!

Comment by wowinaz

She was dancing..PSL:I can say fuck off!Leave her fucking alone.You don’t know her so don’t judge her!She is with kids,that matters not where she is wtih them..God.Jealous whores!

Comment by Nina

Nina, pathetic people like you just make me laugh……yep, I’m “jelous” of Britney and her issues, and her legs of course. I wish I was built like a short linebacker.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Nina…back off PSL & while you’re at it…put a sock in it!!

Comment by spinner

Nina, she wasn’t dancing, she was drinking. I know. I was there.

Comment by Brandy

BTW, has anyone else noticed she has a hole in the same spot every time she is photographed in fishnets? PLEASE, oh please tell me she isn’t wearing the same pair over and over?

Comment by Brandy

She can practice her “dance routines ” for her big “comeback” all she wants, it isn’t going to change the fact that she is washed up and never could sing. She is one ugly bitch. Those poor kids probably don’t even know who she is! She is more of a media whore than Parasite and that is saying something. Please oh please when will she go away???

Comment by Anonymous

britt needs 2 go home take care of her 2 kids !!! leave that teen life 2 grow up and be a woman ! lipo does not make u younger and either does fake hair n blues !!! ur time is over britt bye bye now

Comment by Cherry

I don’t find joking about a child having an illness funny at all. The reason why she is hiding Jayden is because she still has a chance to get a magazine deal with the first proper pics of him. And as if it wouldn’t be a bit traumatising for a little baby to have flashing cameras all around him. And before you say lots of other celebs do it…compare Britney’s paparazzi following to theirs.
Sean Preston is growing up fast and dare I say he is looking more like daddy Federline?

Comment by Stephi

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