April 27, 2007, 7:12 pm
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After hitting up a local grocery store, a casually dressed (and then undressed) David Boreanaz showed his buff physique while out jogging with his trainer in West Hollywood yesterday.

He may star in the show ‘Bones’, but this hunk, a hunk of burning love is 100% beefcake.


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rrrrrrrrrwow! :::wolfhowling::: TASTY.

Comment by karafarrah

I have been SO into him ever since Buffy! And I watch Bones, mostly just to see him, but it’s a decent show! He’s freakin’ hot, and he’s not overexposed on every mag cover like most hot celebrities!

Comment by hiedi

i dont know why but when i look at the first picture i cant stop laughing.
when did he change his hair colour?
he was much better darker.

Comment by l

Loved him on Buffy. Saw him in person when I went to see the Martha (Stewart) show and not only is he MUCH better looking in person, he was really clever and funny and totally pissed Martha off.

Comment by lola lola

Holy Cro-magnon brow!

Comment by Michele

I think he’s icky……doesn’t do it for me at all.

Comment by parissucksliterally

What a piece of meat–stripping down for the cameras, and trying to make it look like he’s just so hot he’s gotta take off his shirt. Doofus isn’t even sweating…

Comment by just askin'

his facial expressions are comical

Comment by sigh

Why can’t celebs do anything without their personal trainer?? Not even go for a jog without them tagging along

Comment by Nina

I wouldn’t mind if he appears like that on Bones more often… DEFINITELY HOT!

Comment by Myriam

I’ll always just think of him as Angel. He’s looking even better with age in my opinion and his body is fantastic!! Nothing like seeing a buff guy getting sweaty…mmmm

Comment by Stephi


Comment by gus

[…] MAN MEAT [image]After hitting up a local grocery store, a casually dressed (and then undressed) David Boreanaz showed his buff […] […]

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