April 27, 2007, 3:08 pm
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Orlando Bloom is a master at revealing very little about himself. But in the current issue of Gotham Magazine, the British heartthrob offers thoughtful, often sensitive, answers to all questions thrown at him — though he is careful not to expose any more of himself than necessary.

Orlando on teenage girls crying at his mere sight: “It’s kind of sweet, you know. It’s a very pure and very real reaction, because they just lose it. I’m always amazed and very touched, because it’s an authentic response to a moment…. I remember being in Spain during the filming of Kingdom of Heaven. I was just talking to my mum on the phone and halfway through the conversation she asked, “What’s that in the background?” And I was like, “Um, it’s just a few girls screaming….” It was kind of a trip because it was the first time it had been like that. It’s not like that’s my life, though. It’s not like there are people camped outside my house.”

Orlando on whether it’s hard to date while in the spotlight: “Yeah, it is. It just kills the romance of the initial moment. I grew up predominantly with my mother and my sister, so I’m comfortable in the presence of women. I have a lot of female friends, and I can’t step outside with any of them without being linked to them in some form or another. It’s sort of annoying, but what can you do?”

Orlando on what is worse, tabloids or bloggers: “What’s a blogger?”


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Wow, almost like a young Johnny Depp. So Friggin Hot!!! ****Changing Panties******

Comment by Me

he may be doing gotham mag now…but he can do me tonight!

Comment by dottcomm1

not a huge fan of his, but the pictures are nice and he seems sincere.

Comment by margaritaQ

Not my idea of an attractive man. He is too skinny & feminine. He seems nice enough though.

Comment by spinner

how cute.
he seriously does not know what’s a blogger? (:

Comment by girl2love

he looks like my dad back at the 70s. i just cannot get over it.

Comment by peep

O god that man is B- E- A-utiful…

Comment by balls


Beautiful inside and out!

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

I like him. He seems genuine and *nice*, someone with depth. Doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty damn hot too ;).

Comment by Aysla

I want to ride him like one of those mechanical bulls.

Comment by Horny

i never really liked him until i saw him on extras. so funny! too small and pretty to be hot though.

Comment by SAS

Handsome, yes but would it kill him to fix his hair.

Comment by Randi

LMAO @ Horny’s comment! HAhahahahahahahahaha

Comment by Anonymous

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