April 27, 2007, 2:02 pm
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Proving that crazies of a feather flock together, Tom Cruise‘s BFF and fellow Scientologist, Jenna Elfman, tells People that Tom and wifey Katie Holmes really do have a good marriage.

“Honestly, they’re happy,” Jenna said at the Healthy Child Healthy World benefit in Santa Monica yesterday. “They have a great life and they love each other. For some reason, the media cannot experience that. They must put in things other than the simplicity of it.”

She also insisted that the recent reports of Katie being trapped and controlled by Tom are way off.

“It’s totally irrelevant, because it’s so absolutely not that,” Jenna said. “It’s hard to give a detailed explanation on something that’s simple. Honestly, do any of you have a great boyfriend or girlfriend? It’s not a big deal, right? You have fun hanging out, and you like talking and sharing your ideas. It’s exciting. That’s their relationship.”

This woman should be a car salesperson cuz a) she presently has nothing else going on in her life, and b) I almost believe her! Almost.


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ummmm, ok Jenna..

Comment by parissucksliterally

awww katie looks really happy in that picture.

Comment by sigh

Good Morning PSL!!

Come on Jenna…you can do better than that. Pretty sad when you have to send your fellow thetans out to try & convince everyone that your love is true. Katie looks like a dunce when she smiles like that.

Comment by spinner

they are crazy in deed, but they are not as dangerous as many other types of crazy that abound in the world…I’m not saying ortodox religion…I’m saying clueless powerful unethichal people.

Comment by THE DEVIL

Immediately after making her statement, Mrs. Elfman signed a 3 picture deal with Tom Cruise….

Comment by barks

I didn’t know Jenna was a scientoligist.. WTF is so appealing about this cult.. sounds like a something you would find on Cartoon Network rather than a religion… either way, I think people are more concerned with scientology then REAL PROBLEMS in this world and MUCH MORE DANGEROUS RELIGIONS!

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

Ah, the infamous “Have you raped a baby??” psycho, Jenna Elfman. Yeah, I don’t believe a word she says.

Comment by Aysla

Does anyone besides me wonder what a highly evolved alien like Tom Cruise is doing wasting his time in Hollywood? I mean, if you had the answers to the problems in life would you spend your time reading scripts, going to parties and having babies? Anyone?

Comment by Brandy

LOL aysla i agree. she has also said its her duty to clear the planet of aliens that scientologists believe inhabit the earth due to a nuclear explosion from millions of years ago.

i can’t believe i’m not making this up. i’m scared of scientologists.

Comment by SAS

Sad. Sad. Sad. Methinks the “actress” doth protest too much. Quit trying to get everyone to believe it. Is it not enough that they are richer than any of us can imagine, and make their living “working” on stupid sitcoms, etc? We have to affirm their own personal relationships too? As I said, just sad.

Comment by E. DuBois

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