April 27, 2007, 7:34 pm
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Bono and Alicia Keys have bonded over humanitarian issues to begin a blossoming friendship. And now the happy duo have helped create British-made documentary ‘We Are Together’, about the musical aspirations of the children of South Africa’s Agape Orphanage.

Alicia, who looked stunning in a simple black dress at last night’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere, makes a guest appearance performing alongside the children of the orphanage at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall.


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God, why did she ever wear her hair in those bad braids? Corn Rows? I hope she’s done with that 1998 look.

Comment by urban_g6

It was cool then………….That is when she sang awesome also.

(pass the butter)

Comment by Red

She is so freakin’ gorgeous! Luv her, him not so much.

Comment by Missu

She is so pretty and talented. Why are women like this never the ones constantly all over the news?

Comment by my2cents

She looks very pretty but man, she has got some unattractive legs. They have no shape, just big and stumpy looking.

Comment by Ice Queen

Look at Bono’s ear… Gross!!!!

Comment by elli

I think she is beautiful, but I don’t like her haor like this. she looks too common like this. I loved it when her hair was natural and had a bit of uniqueness to it, now she looks like Sally Johnson in Small Town, USA.

but I suppose you have to chnage it up a bit, and she does look amazing!

Comment by Me

They’re definitely f-u-c-k-i-n-g.
If not, they should be bumping some uglies

Comment by AttentionWhoreSmacker

Alisha looks the bomb. Damn, girlfriend looks so pretty. She usually looks so hard to me. Kinda ruffneck you know? She looks great, womenly. Love Bono all the time, anytime.

Comment by Trinidad

elli, whats wrong with Bono’s ear?

Comment by Trinidad

Trinidad, if you click on the lower left photo for the closeup, you’ll see that Bono’s ear is loaded with yellow ear wax. Gag!

I don’t really like the way he’s macking on her–he’s acting like the classic dirty old man, all grabby and smoochy. In the top photo, he’s got a look on his face that belongs on a dog protecting his bone

Comment by just askin'

that second photo of him kissing her cheek is very sweet

Comment by sigh

!!!!!!!!!!!! It IS ear wax. omg, GROSS.

Comment by gagebees

EUGH! Earwax!!!

Comment by AttentionWhoreSmacker

Alisha is stunning!! Her legs are a bit thick but I think that is just the way she is built. Bono needs to clean out his ears. BLECH!

Comment by spinner

whats sad is that my legs are heavier than hers and more lumpy…if i lost weight and toned them maybe, just maybe, i would have legs similar to hers…so sad…and just as soon as i feel good about working out and putting on a short dress i come to terms with the reality of it, this whole time i thought it was in my head and people wouldnt be so mean…

Comment by sally

awwww Sally…it’s ok. Short skirts aren’t for everyone. I love tea length dresses. They are so flattering & feminine.

Comment by spinner

Dayum that’s a beautiful girl! And Sally, don’t worry about your legs. I’ve seen girls with the skinniest, most cellulite-addled legs walking around as if they were completely oblivious to how badly their cellulite looks because they have skinny knees. PariSTD Hilton is a prime example of that; skinny legs from the knees down but lumpy and bumpy as you head upwards!

Comment by JaneSays

Hi, videos!

Comment by Ahmed

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