April 28, 2007, 7:57 am
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Wyclef Jean and actor-turned-director Angelina Jolie teamed up last night to speak at the Tribeca Film Institute Screening of Angie’s directorial debut ‘A Place In Time’ in New York City.

Also in attendance? Scene queen Bai Ling and French acteur Olivier Martinez.

The film follows 30 different film crews in 30 different parts of the world during the same three-minute time period.

Angelina Jolie in out and about day in NYC yesterday


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interesting idea. it reminds me of a film i just saw; ‘paris, je t’aime’ where 15 directors each made a 5 minute film about paris. but this is on a global scale- cool!

i think angelina looks gorgeous here as always. and while bai ling is SOOO annoying in ‘person’ (tabloids) i find her quite interesting in film. bizarre.

Comment by SAS

She looks STUNNING!

I wonder what the critics are gonna say. Olivier looks cute but does he have ANY OTHER CLOTHES?

Comment by Ella

angelina is looking very plastic i must say

Comment by sigh

angelina looks stunningas usual.I am so exccited about seeing this film, sounds very intresting and like it would be abit of a mind opener.
Hopefully something similar to baraka, always a classic to put the whole world and priorites back in to perspective.

Comment by Anonymous

interesting concept for a film. she looks great with the simple style.

Comment by EAT IT

Angelina looks as if she’s had botox injected.

Comment by Agustina

Too much makeup (as in… foundation/powder), otherwise she’s looking pretty good. I kind of prefer sans-the-glitz Angie (aka candid) more, when she’s all natural and fresh-faced…especially when she full-out smiles!

Comment by Aysla

One minute people are saying she looks old and haggard and the next they’re saying she’s botoxed out. It’s the MAKEUP.

Anyway, I like the simple look more – she doesn’t need bright colours.

Comment by Phoenix

i don’t like the make-up on angelina…she’s DEFINITELY prettier without it….

Comment by normal

Is it possible that her hairline has receaded even further? What is happening to her hairline. I love this woman. What a goddess. However, she is looking very thin and worn out, hence all of the makeup. She needs bangs to hide that forehead.

Eat something Angelina. FOr the love of GOD. Brad doesn’t like them skinny anymore.

Comment by keller

One word….. BOBBLEHEAD!!

Comment by BeJeeBus

wonder where she got that trench, love it! could it be derek lam? anyone?

Comment by elsa

elsa, I got a feeling it is probably St John. I love it too. She wore a white one a few months back that looks similar.

I read a post by somebody who was there. They said she delibrately made sure the screening was for the kids at the center, and not part of the Tribeca film fest. I cant wait to see it.

Comment by Trinidad

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