April 28, 2007, 7:13 am
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Looking ever so svelte in a teeny-weeny bikini top, denim short-shorts and Chloe shades, diminutive starlet Kate Bosworth made a splash on the shores of Hawaii yesterday.

Ok, perhaps a splash is overstepping it a little. Maybe a trickle would be more appropriate.

A romantic vacation sans boyfriend James Rousseau?


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She looks fantastic. SO MUCH better than 6 months ago or so. She’s gained some weight and is starting to look healthy again. Good for her.

Comment by Dana

her hair is so thin! just because they put on weight doesn’t mean they’re healthy. i don’t know if any of these girls will live past 45- their internal organs must be so wasted.

Comment by SAS

She looks pretty healthy here to me!! Good to see! She was just way to skinny for a while there but she seems to be sorting that out. Can’t wait to go to Hawaii this summer!

Comment by Stephi

Are her short shorts by Baby Phat? In the first pic, I think there’s the Baby Phat logo on the button of the shorts.

Comment by Sarah

She looks much better. Who knows if she was suffering an eating disorder or a period of experimenting with drugs. Whatever it was hopefully she is past it.
So excited…leaving for Kauai on 5/25!!!

Comment by spinner

So..she but on about four pounds. She still looks like an emaciated boy. And that thin hair betrays less than healthy internals. I don’t why she lost all that weight, but she needs to keep it up – she’s got a ways to go before I consider her “healthy”. These chicks are so malnourished it’s starting to affect our ability to judge!

Comment by E. DuBois

She looks SO much better!

Comment by grannytranny

At least she isn’t looking like death these days. A few months ago, a good strong wind would have blown her off her feet. I’m not crazy about the bikini top she has on. That style is very unflattering for all women.

Comment by audrey

Well, she looks way better now.

Comment by Agustina

MUCH, MUCH better- I agree

Comment by parissucksliterally

Im all for fashion extremes and ultra skinny HOT models. I think there is a HUGE difference in being thin and being able to be thin but still look appealing to both sexes. Gisele has a hot body and she is still thin- Kate on the other hand looks hungry and gross.

Comment by j

Kate’s looking much better, but I don’t think she is quite healthy yet. She definitely has a ways to go.

spinner, are you going to kauai for vacay? How long are you going for? I’m so envious! 🙂

Comment by Aysla

i hate how bandeau tops squish the boobs down.

Comment by thighmegatampon

thighmegatampon, I totally agree

Comment by fake plastic love

Hi Aysla!! I will be in Kauai for a week. Very excited. It will be my 2nd time there. It is my fav island in Hawaii. Pack your bags & come with!

Comment by spinner

I think she looks super good, no reason for gaining any more.. And my hair is thin too, even if I don’t have an eating disorder.. Maybe she just hit a rough patch, but she looks like she did years back now..

Comment by BeJeeBus

umm beejeebus you should google pics of her in blue crush. she looks nothing like she did then. you can see her ribs and sternum, her collarbones and shoulders look like they’d snap if a bird landed on them. seriously she needs to gain weight.

Comment by SAS

she may not be out of the woods.. but she looks SO MUCH BETTER than she did… baby steps ya know?!

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

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