April 28, 2007, 10:17 pm
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The hardest working woman in show business took a night off from her world tour to perform for her fans on German television. Clad in Elie Saab, Beyonce took to the Bravo Super Show stage to perform a medley of her hits and accept the Goldener Otto media prize. The readers’ prize is awarded by Germany’s youth magazine BRAVO. Destiny’s Child was awarded this prize as well back in 2002.


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thunda thighs

Comment by thighmegatampon

she needs to take a fucking vacation. I dig B, but jesus christ she’s everywhere. She must love to fucking work…..or one day she will snap and kill her father!

Comment by parissuckliterally

why does she insist on showing her nasty legs?

Comment by meg

I agree, she needs to take a vacation!! Sick of her. Her legs look fine. She has a sexy look about her. If you like thinner legs, fine, but they’re certainly not nasty.

Comment by heo

Beyonce should NEVER wear shorts.

Comment by spinner

Does she ever wear clothes from her own fashion line? Just wondering.

Comment by audrey

audrey – i was just going to write the same thing!

you’d think she’d promote her own rags, unless she knows they’re awful and even she won’t be caught dead in them (or… she thinks she can make another buck by selling the outfit instead of wearing it – she’s money-grubbing enough to do it!).

Comment by dottcomm1

Yeah she does, usually in photoshoots when mama Tina forces her to wear the horror. But I think she tries to avoid it whenever she can. Anyway, I second the opinion that Bey never ever should wear shorts, she really has thunderthighs!! She’s right up there with Kelly Clarkson!

Comment by BeJeeBus

Looks like Beyonce is hitting the Popeye’s chiken again…well, at least she’s not a waif…

Comment by Jo-Ann

I like Beyonce- I certainly aint a fan but da girl is on FiRE so guys-DONT HATE!

Comment by Caitlin

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