April 28, 2007, 6:20 pm
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The always stunning Jessica Alba made an appearance at last night’s kick-off of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

And despite the arrest of 16 people and the seizure of a cache of 50 guns and methamphetamine in a raid on the site near Indio, California, Jessica maintained her composure amid all the chaos and destruction.

I know all that ‘Dark Angel’ training would come in handy one day.


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It’s that miserable girl’s birthday today.

she’s beautiful and rich- I wonder why she looks so unhappy all the time? Guess it’s not the answer to life’s happiness….

Comment by parissucksliterally

That outfit is UGLY.

Comment by my2cents

I dislike her.

Comment by Agustina

She really does look miserable. I like what she’s wearing though. I didn’t even know about the arrest and I was there!! I knew there were a lot of police around but…woahh. Drugs I expected but not guns.

Comment by Stephi

Her outfit is hideous. Knee length leggings with boots? PULEESE! A maternity dress. EW!!!! Unless she is trying to hide her wicked body on purpose.

Comment by keller

yeah, the knee length leggings with boots look really weird.

Comment by thighmegatampon

eww that style does not suit her at all. i cannot name one redeeming feature from head to toe with this one.

i get the feeling from her that because she’s beautiful she doesn’t need to be anything else (nice, funny, talented etc)

Comment by SAS

what a fugly girl. Shows you that Hollywood is just smoke and mirrors. Any average looking girl can make it!

Comment by Simba

how on earth is that “stunning”? what an awful outfit. normally i love her clothing taste, but this is just off.

Comment by sigh

I think she’s pretty. Her career will be over shourtly because the girl can’t act. She has no sense of style. This outfit is a classic example of what happens when the stylist is away.

Comment by amara

can anyone seriosuly argue that she is ugly? I mean.. come on.. She is pretty no dobut, but she is a bonafied bitch and looks miserable always…

Comment by BeJeeBus

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