April 28, 2007, 12:11 am
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Look casually chic in a nautical-inspired top, wide-legged jeans and Jil Sander ballet flats, Katie Holmes proudly totes around her ‘Mad Money’ script on a sunny afternoon in Louisiana.

Mrs Cruise looks like a whole new person. Still the pretty face we always admired, but now with an air of class and sophistication we don’t expect from a 28-year-old — even in Hollywood.

During this day, Katie smiles as she is escorted back to her trailer with no less than two security guards and watched over by police officers. But it’s all par for the course when your significant other is a box-office legend.


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Wow she’s not wearing black for once or looking like a 70 year old lady.

Comment by wacka wacka

wow she’s definitely back in shape!…although her nose is becoming Posh-like

Comment by meg

“Legend” as in “of King Arthur” and “that is baroque music”.

Comment by Selon

she looks like a whole new person because she’s had PLASTIC SURGERY.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I have always thought she and Britney shared a striking resemblance in the face. Obviously Katie is clean and not a mess, but I think they look a lot alike.

Comment by Ice Queen

i don’t think those are wide-leg jeans. they look like flares to me. although, i do like them. i’m pretty sick of skinny jeans

Comment by sigh

does anyone else find it funny that while all 35 year olds in hollywood would love to look 28, Katie has no problem with being 28 and looking 35! She is so beautiful, but she looks so old! Like a rich soccer mom. No MILF there.

Comment by beenaners

these pics remind me of Jackie O. and i don’t mean to insult jackie o either. lol.

Comment by EAT IT

She looks great!! It’s amazing what a change of scenery and the absence of your husband can do for a girl! She looks almost back to her old self. Obviously she is happiest when she’s working and not in LA…I don’t blame her.

Comment by Stephi

Katie looks good. I like her in the wide leg jeans. Like Nicole Kidman…Katie will never be the same. Ever.

Comment by spinner

Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Michael Jackson?????

Comment by Mikey

I agree, she looks a little aged – like how all actresses in the 80’s all looked 40 no matter how old they really were. I’m not feeling her look. I also don’t think she’s exuding sophistication – a little to much overblown hyperbole – box office legend? Please.

Comment by E. DuBois

I don’t like how she looks.

Comment by Agustina

she looks as if she’s aiming for a jackie o look. and sort of failing.

Comment by fume

It’s funny that she’s considered ‘sophisticated’ and ‘elegant’ now… no one really gave much of a damn about her before the TomKat fiasco, but as soon as they got together it was insta-‘class’ for Katie. She seems like she’d be a nice person, but I’ve always considered her to be a very mediocre actress at best (yet she managed to get some pretty good roles!- the gift, thank you for smoking, batman begins- even though her acting sucked in those roles…).

Comment by Aysla

I see her herpe lip is back from the old days. Nice!

Comment by MMM

Have any of you guys ever heard her in an interview? She has the most annoying voice & personality. She would drive me crazy.

Comment by spinner

God I hate those jeans

Comment by bronxdiva

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