April 29, 2007, 9:17 am
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Victoria Beckham has reasons to be happy after having decided to purchase a multi-million dollar Italian-style villa on one of Beverly Hills’ most exclusive streets.

It is spirited of her to share some of her happiness with male fans by thrusting her delectable knockers at them through her see-through body hugging top while arriving in LA to sign the paper work for her new home.


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Who dresses like this out in public?

Comment by Ella

They’re Obviously Fake !!!
Shes Too Skinny To Have Boobs Like That

Comment by Anonymous

Ugh. Three things that still can be changed for the better (I am afraid she’ll die if someone takes the rediculous silicones out)
1. Will she EVER stop wearing those ridiculous YMCA caps?
2. I am so glad she left the ill-fitting aviator sunglasses at home. And never wear them again, amen. Lindsay, you take notes too.
3. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH for once!

Comment by fake plastic love

hahahaha, Most guys don’t care that they are fake. Fake tits, fake tan, malnourished – she’ll fit right into Hollyweird!

Comment by Susan

no such thing as an accident, right?

Comment by thighmegatampon

Anything to draw attention.

Comment by OhHellNo!


Posh is a manekin with cero sense of sublety.

This is how lagerfelf would dress if he had boobs.


Comment by THE DEVIL

that’s just nasty.

Comment by anon

Posh is a misnomer. Trash can never be posh. She has become a caricature of her former self. She’s just as ridiculous as Pamela Anderson with those plastic breast. Your right Susan she’s perfect for Hollywood, a place for clueless people, who most of us don’t understand why they are famous.

Comment by Amara

as much as i can’t stand her, the flash does do make a shirt more “see thru” that can’t be seen in regular light.

that said, had lunch the other day with guys. they were staring at the hostess obviously fake boobs. when i commented ‘they’re fake’, one guy responded ‘so is santa claus, but i still like seeing him!’

Comment by dottcomm1

In all fairness though … At least she’s wearing a bra

Comment by jen

gross….Posh, your tits are so horrible.

Comment by parisuckssliterally

buy a bra so the world doesn’t have to see your fake breasts..posh is a joke. what the hell has this woman done?

Comment by k

ehhh i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that camera flashes are making the shirt see-thru. i do think her boobs are way too fake looking though.

Comment by EAT IT

delectable indeed. loves it!

Comment by Anonymous

She does have a bra on but her nipples are always turned on so sometimes it looks like she doesn’t. I think her boobs look pretty good for fakes but they don’t suit her body at all. Too big and round for such a skinny frame…looks kinda silly. You’d think being such a fashionista that she would want a flat chest like all the models. Besides the see-thru top I think she looks fantastic!

Comment by Stephi


Comment by WTF

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