April 29, 2007, 9:12 am
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Britney Spears has driven herself into trouble agian.

This time, thankfully, it was the speed she was going at that caused the cops to pull her over, and not driving with her kid on her lap.

The Beverly Hills police confirmed that the singer was stopped for speeding on Friday.

However, they also confirmed that she was let off with a warning.

“She was pulled over for speeding. She was warned about her speed and let go. She was not cited,” People magazine quoted Beverly Hills police Sgt. Mike Foxen, as saying.

The songstress certainly had a busy time on Friday — not only did she hit the Millennium Dance Studio, where she has been dancing herself back into shape, but also put in an appearance at the recording studio with music producer JR Rotem.


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she’s an idiot. i _wish_ she had talent, personality, integrity or something… anything but that horrible void that she fills with wigs, hats and publicity. “my lights are on but there’s nobody home” should be name of her book.

Comment by peep

I read that her mini-tour of the House of Blues is sold out. Granted, it’s not a large venue…but I’m thinking most people are going just to get a first hand look at a train wreck.
She is just testing the waters…I bet she will lipsync as usual. It will be like going to a karaoke bar.

Comment by spinner

spinner: it’s probably not even her who’s performing….and if it is, people are going for the “train wreck” factor, not because they love and support her work…..lol

I’m surprised she wasn’t driving whith her bare foot out the window, while having a beer and cigarrette……she’s so claaaaaaassy.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Yeah the tickets for her ‘secret show’ all sold out on the first couple of days. It would be funny though if she didn’t perform at all and the whole thing was just a rumor…I mean its not like it was false advertising or anything.
I hope she does perform though and blows everyone out of the water with her new material. Pleeeeaaaaseee don’t let her screw it up! And honestly I don’t really blame celebs for speeding, especially when they are being chased and hounded by the paparazzi.

Comment by Anonymous

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