April 30, 2007, 4:42 pm
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With weeks before his imminent departure to serve in Iraq, Prince Harry made the most of his remaining time in Britain by joining close pals and family for a royal send-off at a London nightclub over the weekend.

Guests, including gal pal Chelsy Davy, older bro Prince William, cousin Peter Phillips and Peter’s Canadian girlfriend Autumn Kelly (see above), danced the night away in Harry’s honour. At one pòint during the evening, the young Prince gave a emotional farewell speech admitting he’s “a nervous wreck” and saying: “I’ve waited a long time and just want to get out there and serve my country. I’m prepared to do anything they throw at me, whether it’s to serve on the front line or carry out a desk job in Basra.”

 I’m not a gambling man, but my money is on the stuffy desk job in Basra.


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I’m glad to see he’s willing to serve his country, most royals don’t seem to be but I wonder if he’ll be putting his unit in danger, won’t he be more of a target that just a regular joe?

Comment by Barks

I think he will be targeted in more ways than one.
For the safety of all involved…he should not go.

Comment by spinner

Of course he will be kept away from the danger. It’s all PR nothing more nothing less. I’m pretty sure they make sure nothing happens to him.

Comment by OMG Really?

yes barks and spinner there have actually been threats made to his entire unit due to his distinction. he is very keen to go but i have no doubt there will be changes made at the last minute lessening (is that a word?) his involvement to ensure the safety of his team- which would definitely be the right thing to do.

Comment by SAS

Damn, William is losing his hair fast.

Comment by Randi

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