April 30, 2007, 9:36 pm
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Mr. Big is right!

Chris Noth, the man who made a name out of an adjective on ‘Sex and the City’, proudly showed off his robust physique yesterday while vacationing on the beaches of — you guessed it — Maui.

While he’s no Daniel Craig, I doubt any of you would kick him out of bed for getting crumbs in the sheets.


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I miss SATC!!! Mr Big was never my fave though…I always had a soft spot for Aiden. Carrie was mad to let him go!!

Comment by Stephi

Mr. Big is so hot! Even with a few extra pounds, he is still sexy as hell!!!

Comment by yum

I love him and I think he is still hot. One thing though, I’d have him drop those swim trunks down an inch or two. Like many men his age the he wears his shorts under his armpits.

Comment by tonya

Love Him!!!!!!!!

Comment by Kathy


Comment by k

yea he looks good- doesn’t take himself too seriously!

we’re certainly easier on the male celebs than the females though, aren’t we?

Comment by SAS

love him! love the fact he’s done no surgery, etc. definitely yummy!

Comment by dottcomm1

God, he is so sexy. Mmmmmmmmmmm!! Yummy Yum Yum!!!

Comment by Mmmm


sorry girls, but you can have him. He does NOTHING for me.

Comment by Michele

Good for you Michele. Fuck the double standard –if he was a women we’d be drowning in “beached whale” jokes.

Comment by Randi

He looks just like how I’d expect him to look… which is to say, he looks fine- but nowhere near sexy imo.

And you definitely bring up a good point SAS (Randi as well!), these kinds of double standards are disheartening… and I know I certainly play a part in it every now and then.

Comment by Aysla

Ick… he couldn’t get his big butt in my bed. Smith is the only man from SATC that could get in my bed!!

Comment by The Beautiful One

Now that Smith is in the picture, somehow Mr. Big is just an older guy who does not work out. Before – he was fine for my eyes. 🙂

BTW ITA about the double standard.

Comment by MissJanet

I’ve had a weak spot for him since he was on Law & order – Mr. Big was my favorite in SATC. I think he’s a handsome man.

I agree that the double standards sucks though.

Comment by Pole

They were talking about cancelling Law & Order: Criminal Intent, maybe they did so he just let him self go!

Comment by Barks

Good point SAS & duly noted.

Comment by spinner

I always thought he could be related to Victor Mature

Seeing Chris Noth brings back memories of childhood Easters, with all those Victor Mature movies on tv.

Comment by Anonymous

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