April 30, 2007, 1:19 am
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Admitedly, waify starlet Kate Bosworth looked pretty hot (look at that waist!) in her uber chic Gucci bikini while frolicking on the shores of Maui yesterday, but my question is: who the heck is her street walker friend in the animal print??


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Message to Kate: GET BACK TO BLUE CRUSH BODY!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

she looks a lot better….she really does. But she is still too thin.

Comment by parissucksliterally

she’s too skinny but she has a nice body especially with her small waist. if she gained weight, she’d look fantastic.

Comment by EAT IT


Comment by Some-1-U-Know

Since when are protruding hip bones “hot,” Arasto? Ugg.

Comment by Erica

her friend looks so much healthier except for the face

Comment by bluebird

“Streetwalker friend” shows how much better healthy weight looks in a bikini.

Comment by Randi

kate looks so bony yuck- not hot at all until she gains some kilos! despite the unusual bikini (looks brazilian to me?) her friend has a MUCH better body. why so bitchy today arasto?

Comment by SAS

that leopard print bikini sure is teeeny. kate looks good, i wish i had her body

Comment by thighmegatampon

I think she looks great! Yes she is skinny but obviously a lot of people on here have no idea what a real, serious eatind disorder looks like. She may restrict her food a littl, but I doubt she has an eating disorder. She would look a lot skinnier than this! Btw I have this bikini and I’m now very jealous of how good she looks in it….

Comment by Stephi

you people are crazy! you are not supposed to be able to see someones full ribcage and hipbones jutting through their flesh! if you look like this PLEASE GO AND SEE A DOCTOR (stephi)!

Comment by Anonymous

Weird body. And I’m so sick of people defining something “chic” just because it’s Gucci or somethin else… That’s just a regular bikini.

Her friend reminds me of Lisa Kudrow…

Comment by Samantha Jones

Her friend does NOT look like a streetwalker. Kate definitely looks better but still not healthy. I’m guessing it’s drugs.

Comment by spinner

Stephi, please check in with reality every once in awhile.

Comment by spinner

Her friend looks older and healthier. Kate is too skinny. Limiting portions until your skin is stretched across your bones is an eating disorder.

Comment by Pin

she’s put on a little weight. She looks much better. I think the wieght loss was due to her break-up with Orlando (no talent) Bloom

Comment by Jo-Ann

First beach body pics I thought she was looking better but these are just disgusting.

Comment by Barks

This “beach body alert” should really be grocery RED alert. You can see her ribcage rippling under her skin. Further proof positive that looking at these skinny minis is affecting your brain, Arasto

Comment by E. DuBois

she looks soooo much better than she did this time last year…so i think everyone needs to give this girl a break…my body pretty much looks like that and i stuff my face, the thing is though, i also work out…so all the haters here are probably just fat lazy slobs that think anyone who is fit must have a disorder…newsflash people, obesity is justs as dangerous as being underweight…so check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.

Comment by me*

Stephi, you said, “Yes she is skinny but obviously a lot of people on here have no idea what a real, serious eatind disorder looks like”

People with “real, serious” eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes.

Comment by Starshine

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