April 30, 2007, 1:37 am
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Britney Spears may be working hard on changing her post-pregnancy body but it appears her trademark bad style is standing resolute. As illustrated by these photos of the recently rehabbed pop princess shopping in L.A., it’s clear Brit has no plans on straying far from what has become her trademark look — a silly hat, acrylic wig, sheer top, torn fishnets and cowboy boots. Ugh, those boots….


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no comment. scrap that. what the hell was she thinking? my god, this is one of the worse outfits i think i have ever seen on her. absolutely horrible. the boots make me want to vomit. the stockings, her flabby belly exposed. just too much.

Comment by T

Plumber NOT Plummer

Comment by WTF

Man, those boots have really got to go!

Comment by WTF

…..anyone who thinks this girl isn’t BEGGING for attention is blind.

she’s pathetic- I’ll never be able to see her as sexy again.

Comment by parissucksliterally

wow she’s fat…….by hollywood standards!

Comment by Some-1-U-Know

WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?? seriously there are crack addicts selling themselves on the seediest corners that would not wear that- and they’re not fucking multi-millionaires!

she is crazy. she has mental problems. i can understand the motives for some other crazy celeb actions but i cannot for the life of me begin to get inside the head of this nutter.

Comment by SAS

she is whacked out and still needs some serious help. this is nothing more than a cry for attention.

Comment by dottcomm1

I would have thought her Southern mother would have taught her Southern daugther how to get out of a car in a lady-like fashion.

Comment by Anonymous

Her fashion sense is totally fucked!

Beyond….a total failure of sense…handicaped!

Comment by THE DEVIL

NOBODY would look good in that shit she wears.

Comment by Randi

its hot here in LA. why the hell is she still wearing those boots?

Comment by thighmegatampon

Is that the dress she and Jlo had? The one that she was with the federline and Bitbit?

Comment by grannytranny

she was listening to kiis fm.

Comment by thighmegatampon

that’s not even a dress. it’s a top

Comment by thighmegatampon

somethings wrong with this girl. she’s completely gone mental! i mean who would walk around the city with that outfit?!? its not proper

Comment by 1718

Attention whore…emphasis on whore.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh dear!! Sure she wants to show off her body at the moment, but why not in a cute little dress or something instead of this monstrosity? She’s always had questionable style as would a lot of celebs without the help of their stylists. Rachel Zoe needs to take Brit under her wing asap! It would make the BIGGEST difference!

Comment by Stephi


1. How fucked up your crack brain has to be that you go and put on something like that?

2. What the hell is her so called cousing thinking to let her out of house like that? Or are we having the old meal-ticket issue once again, like with all her employees – noone dares to mention anything lest they are sacked.

3. Does this ultimate hick and piece of trash think she is coming across as sexy or what? I mean, this is beyond poor taste, this is already pathological.

4. Could it be that she is convinced to be some kind of fashion pioneer like Madonna?

5. Is she just sloppy (not only are her fishnets torn and stinking, they are also totally screwed – check her left leg) or does she do it on purpose to prove she does take them off sometimes?

6. How can the smelly ho live with herself?

Comment by Cath

I’m thinking about Michael Jackson, don’t know if it’s the hat or the nutty brain underneath it that aftects me…

Comment by atea

oh for fucks sake……!

Comment by l

^ ^ LMAO

Comment by SAS

in not so very classy movie called “bad taste” one of the characters, derek if i remember correctly, fell off from a cliff and smashed his head so badly he had to staple a hat to his head so his brain wouldn’t spill out – he stayed functional but was never the same. maybe this is the case with britney too.

Comment by peep

Good Lord…she looks like a very cheap hooker. It’s really hard to look at her except for the shock factor. Maybe that’s what she’s after.

Comment by spinner

I can’t say anything about this outfit. Everything that occurs to me is too mean to say. Except!……nope, can’t say that either.

Comment by lola lola

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