April 30, 2007, 1:29 pm
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The British Fashion Police are cornering in on arresting self-proclaimed fashion icon Victoria Beckham for a style infringement of the worst kind — a repeat outfit!

During a brief two-day stay in L.A. over the weekend, the British import was spotted shopping on Rodeo Drive donning the exact same dress as she wore on the exact same day last year in New York City.

Punishment for such a heinous crime includes a small fine plus a 3-month pleated pant sentence.


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Look at the dates:
both 29th April
Maybe this dress has a special meaning for her.

Comment by beforesunrise

what if she does? I actually think that would give her some sort of respect. This woman is sooooooooooo superficial that is painful to look at so much uglyness.

Comment by the devil

I don’t blame her. If I had that dress I would wear it again & again. It’s a hit!!

Comment by spinner

Well, she is wearing the dress with the shirt outside in the one on the left and tucked in in the photo on the right, so it may be the same dress, but at least it’s worn differently.

Anyway, if I had to wear a BRAND NEW outfit every day of my life, sometimes twice a day, you bet I’d repeat from time to time, even it it were only accidentally. Who can keep track??

Comment by Dana

I give her credit for wearing the “same” outfit differently. I thinks he updated it well.

Comment by anonymous

LOVE the dress….she should wear it again!

at least it’s not something gross, like Britney’s smelly boots and ripped fishnets.

Comment by parissucksliterally

oh please..

but looks she changed shoes

Comment by distar

I’m with you on that, parissucks! I’ll take Posh’s recycled fashion over Shitney’s non-fashion any time!

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

surely it’s commendable that she wears things more than once … how ridiculous would it be if she wore an outfit one time then disposed of it – puh-leeze! she’s not that shallow … when it comes to redcarpet outfits then it’s a whole other story!

Comment by jen

Maybe she IS human!

Comment by Anonymous

i’m surprised she kept an outfit for a year. great dress and glad she wore it again. i’d hate not to be able to wear something again that i love.

Comment by EAT IT

Man, she really could use a smile now and then…

Comment by Dee Bee

god her hair looks so fabulous now. she wears the dress beautifully.

i can’t imagine this is an oversight on her part- she’s even got the same kind of accessories! maybe its aids day or a special day for her of some kind…

Comment by SAS

The wears everything beautifully!! She just oozes style and class in my opinion. This dress looks amazing on her on both occasions but I have to say I kinda like her hair better when it was long and brown….the blonde is cool though and no doubt she will change it again soon anyway!

Comment by Stephi

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