April 30, 2007, 2:32 pm
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Britney Spears — who as of late has been spied looking leaner and meaner (and with her nether regions covered up) — apparently had been quietly preparing to put on a surprise performance at the Los Angeles nightclub Forty Deuce, but wound up cancelling at the last minute.

Sources tell MSNBC that while Britney was itching to test the waters with a small-scale showcase, it was ultimately decided that the recent rehabber wasn’t quite ready.

The latest buzz is that she might instead turn up at a Southern California House of Blues sometime this week — or, if all else fails, at your neighbourhood Japanese karaoke bar.


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she’s got to be scared shitless about performing again…she knows everyone will be critical of her every move. I don’t blame her for that…..I hope she stays scared, and goes away with her babies. Yeah, right…..if that happens, then Lohan is sober.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Supposedly she is going to appear at HOB…several locations, including San Diego. The band she’s booked under is called the M&M’s.

I wonder if she reads the blogs. All the terrible things being said about her. She is not stable. Desperate people do desperate things…

Comment by spinner

She is so lost its not funny.
I dont feel for her at all. Her road she wanted, and them kids are not even on the side of the road.

When will she get it that she is over?

Comment by Red

there’s talk she been in vegas this weekend at HOB. 98% of the callers said they wouldn’t go see her even if it was free.

Comment by lolly

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