April 30, 2007, 12:44 am
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It was late Saturday night when Jessica Simpson and mane man Ken Paves hit up L.A. hotspots Chi Dynasty and Dresden Room Bar, but luckily for the perfectly quaffed duo, Jessica came well equipped with two gigantic headlights.


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is it me or do her boobs look bigger?

Comment by thighmegatampon

I totally agree…. did she get something done in the face? It sort of looks like she lost weight and maybe stopped injecting her face so much because she actually looks pretty good and its been a VERY long time since shes even looked decent… like im talking the early newlywed days.

Comment by j

I just remembered that Joe Jackson is the Original Papa Joe…….and look what Michael has done to his face. Jessica is going to be scary by the time she’s 30.

Her hair is lighter- I’ll bet she’s going back to blonde again

Comment by parissucksliterally

No her boobs are not bigger. They have always been big and I think its glaringly obvious that they are natural. It’s so annoying how people just can’t accept people who are blessed naturally. I think she’s looking fantastic! Whether she’s put on weight or not she looks great and I love the dark hair on her. Lucky Jess looks great both as a brunette and a blonde.

Comment by Stephi

i agree, she actually looks good here. i like her dress too. i’d think she gained a bit of weight, not lost any.

Comment by EAT IT

Arasto, I think you mean “coiffed”, not “quaffed”, the former refers to hair, the latter to drinking. And “plumber” is spelt “plumber”, in the Britney Spears article. You spell things wrong constantly. I know the content of this blog is lighthearted, but it just makes you look really unprofessional.

Comment by louise

oops i mean plummer is supposed to be spelt “plumber”. Ha! how ironic

Comment by louise

somebody is getting fukin’ FAT!

Comment by THE DEVIL

what she did to her face:

She does look different because she is trying to be a brunnete.

Comment by THE DEVIL

That is one ugly dress. Not the style..the pattern on it. When did that kind of stuff come back into fashion again? No offense but some of this stuff is hard on the eyes and so very unflattering.

Comment by audrey

she looks well good here, and thats coming from someone that usally thinks she looks horrible.

Comment by Anonymous

Jessica is very pretty but somehow she manages to make herself look trashy and unattractive. The hair, clothes, and makeup is wrong 90 percent of the time.

Comment by amara

To me her face is rough and she looks classless. Even more so when she opens her mouth.

Comment by Miss

This is the best Jessica has looked in a long while. Looks like her bearding contract with John may have come to an end. Once you’re a beard, real relationships are hard to come by.

Comment by spinner

i will admit that she looks better here than she has in a while! but i still don’t like her hair. she’s all the same color! brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin. blech.
i don’t know why, but it seems to me that women with heavy/mannish features look better blonde. it kind of softens their faces. another example would be sarah jessica parker.

Comment by april


I like this Jessica better… she looks (i said looks people) less ditzy…

BTW… Ashley is the one that’s gonna look like Michael Jackson… TOO MUCH!

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

wow! she looks awesome!

Comment by sigh

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