April 30, 2007, 1:43 pm
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After shaving her head, hitting up rehab, firing her manager and battling her own father while she tries to launch her pop career, it appears Allure and Vanity Fair magazines are now fighting over her who will tell Britney Spears’ story.

A representative for Allure magazine said: “We would love to have Britney, but nothing is scheduled yet.”

Whichever publication Britney chooses to reveal all to will have the exclusive around November – in time for the release of her new album.


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Wow. This woman really has no-one around to guide her at all. How sad.

Comment by lola lola

Agreed, lola lola.

I would like to say “who cares” because we’ve seen and heard too much, but I’m pretty sure I’d buy an article that had her version of the truth in it.

Comment by Barks

Barks…yes, it would be “her version”, but she;s so fucking deluded, who knows if it’s the TRUTH.

Comment by parissucksliterally

No truth will be told. She’s not capable of it. She has popped a corny.

Comment by spinner

The tell-all will be one big blamestorming session.

Comment by spinner

Vanity Fair and Allure are both owned by the Conde Nast group of magazines, which also, include Vogue, Glamour, and about 10 other fashion and lifestyle magazines. Britney is so overexposed at this point that I don’t think anyone would battle to publish her taudry story. Cute girl with mediocre voice is pimped to stardom by her parents. She makes a few albums that suck, she dates and exposes her body. Meets loser, marries him and in true white trash fashion has her second child before the first is even a year old. Loses mind, self-respect, and career. I’ll wait for the Disney movie.

Comment by amara

i won’t give her the satisfaction of buying her ‘exclusive’. it will be a load of shit spinner is so right, how everyone else contributed to her going off the rails (i wonder what euphemism they will use) she has lost it and has done too much bad (not just crazy) stuff to repair her image.

Comment by SAS

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